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11 Montreal Bars You Think Are Good But Are Actually AMAZING!

These are worth going to at least three times.

Sometimes, you stumble upon a bar that's so astronomically amazing, you've got to shout about it from the rooftops. You've found your bar soulmate. Your baer, if you will.

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While everyone's baer is different, it might be a little difficult to find the one place you're down to drink at for the rest of your life. If you're down to start your bar discovery journey, though, then there are some amazing bars you can go to right here in the city.

1. Mayfair

A photo posted by Alexandre Valois-Pacheco (@alex.valois.pacheco) on

451 Rue Rachel E

Feel like grabbing some classy cocktails with your friends? Look no further than this Plateau cocktail bar. Inspired by all things vintage, and sporting one seriously gorgeous interior, Mayfair is the perfect spot to feel like you legit stepped into the Jazz era while sipping on the tastiest cocktails ever.


2. Mal Necessaire

A photo posted by Miss Kournikova (@the_russian_goddess) on

1106 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Two words: pineapple drinks. As in, you can literally sip your drink from a pineapple. This low-key, but seriously fun, Chinatown bar features tasty drinks served up in pineapples and coconuts (and glasses, for those of you who are more traditional), a fun neon sign, and some of the best times you can possibly have.


3. Grenade

A photo posted by Audrey Legault (@princess_audreyl) on

1603 Rue Ontario E

The thing I love most about this Ville-Marie spot? You can eat amazing food (like their legendary bao buns), chill on their beyond gorgeous terrasse, absorb their awesome vibes, and drink their amazing drinks... All under one roof. Does it seriously get any better than this highkey amazing, all-inclusive spot?


4. Bar 4e Mur

A photo posted by Le 4e mur (@4emur) on

Okay, what makes this spot so amazing is the fact that it's one huge secret. What do I mean? Well, I'm glad you asked. Although the bar holds one seriously good time, you need to get in touch with the 4e Mur team in order to know where they're located. There might be a few more instructions for you to follow after that, but trust, it's worth it to access this mysterious bar.


5. Henrietta

A photo posted by amandageier (@amandageier) on

115 Avenue Laurier O

Looking for a fun time? Well, stop looking. Henrietta has one seriously cool decor, a chill-yet-trendy vibe, and amazingly tasty drinks, so if you're down to bring your friends someplace where you're guaranteed to enjoy yourself... Well, stop the search. Henrietta's here to save the day.


6. Big In Japan

A photo posted by Aaron Lamprecht-Morphew (@mor_lamps) on

4175 Boul St-Laurent

If you've ever been to this bar, then give yourself a high-five, because Big In Japan is notoriously difficult to find. Once you do locate it, though? Wonders await. It's a little more chill than some other places, but still incredibly fun - and with its signature gorgeous, creative layout, you really cannot go wrong.


7. Bily Kun

A photo posted by Maria Gorre (@mlgorre) on

354 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

A Montreal classic, the Plateau's Bily Kun has been overly popular for years. And if you've ever been there, then you know exactly why. Chill vibes, tasty (and strong!) drinks, and awesome staff await you inside, as well as some of the quirkiest conversation points (ostrich head frames, anyone?) out there.


8. Alexandraplatz

A photo posted by @citizenkei on

6731 Avenue de l'Esplanade

This notorious Mile Ex bar is the perfect place to go for a chill time after a long day. Offering up a chill and trendy atmosphere, and some seriously solid drinks, this spot is laid back enough to become a constant watering hole in your life, and fun enough to go to for any occasion. Bonus points for their summer block parties, turning up the exterior just as much as the interior.


9. Bar Waverly

A photo posted by Simon P.Riggins (@simonpriggins) on

5550 Boul St-Laurent

Good vibes all around, friends. Situated in Montreal's Mile End, at the corner of St. Laurent and Waverly, this bar is equal parts chill and turnt AF. Going there for some drinks with friends is always a good idea; similarly, going there to have one seriously wild time is always a good idea, as well.


10. Philemon Bar

A photo posted by Dominique D. (@doeminique) on

111 Rue Saint Paul O

This is probably one of the best bars you can go to if you're down to celebrate something. Its rustic yet gorgeous interior, upscale and welcoming vibe, and super tasty drinks makes it a top spot to go with friends; its super chill location, right in Old Montreal, makes it super accessible, as well. Bar loving friends, rejoice.


11. Le Lab

A photo posted by Foodie Buddha (@foodiebuddha) on

1351 Rachel St E

Synonymous with awesome cocktails in Montreal, this Plateau bar serves up crafty drinks in a laid back setting. The bartenders here are actual mixologists, creating perfect drinks every single time. Come here to be wowed by what you're drinking, hands down.


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