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11 Ooey Gooey Poutines You Can Eat In Montreal To Make November Suck A Lot Less

You deserve to be happy during the worst month of the year.

At this stage in my life, I can say, with 100% sincerity, that I don't know what could possibly be better in life than a tasty, warm poutine.

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Okay, sure, you might

Thankfully, Montreal is home

1. Decarie Hot Dog's Regular Poutine

A photo posted by a_killerb (@a_killerb) on

953 Boulevard Décarie

Okay, seriously, the poutine at Decarie Hot Dog is a landmark. Get one in your mouth right TF now, and prepare to be seriously amazed.


2. Deli Sokolow's Latke Poutine

A photo posted by Samantha Leah (@samquint) on

4350 Rue Notre-Dame O

Seriously, whoever decided to combine poutine with latkes is a legit genius. This dish is exactly what you need to get over those November blues.


3. Chez Tousignant's Regular Poutine

A photo posted by Sophie Desbiens (@sdesbiens) on

6956 Rue Drolet

Chez Tousignant has been making a huge splash for their totally home-made dishes, like their above and beyond amazing cheeseburgers, or their totally tasty pogos. But if you ask me, their poutines are the real standout: fresh cheese, crisp fries, and hearty sauce elevate this dish onto a plane of its own.


4. Jukebox Burgers' Mac & Cheese Poutine

A photo posted by Zoey (@zoeydufour) on

11798 Boulevard de Salaberry

Do I even need to say anything here? Jukebox is known for combining awesome things with poutine (like their poutine burger, or their poutine hot dog). One of their tasitest combos has to be their mac and cheese poutine: creamy, tangy mac and cheese, smothering a bed of crispy potatoes, delicious sauce, and melty cheese curds.


5. Pierette Patates' Hot Dog Poutine

A photo posted by Emmanuelle Métivier ? (@emmanuellemetivier) on

3900 Rue de Verdun

Verdun friends, you know what's up. Pierette Patates is a casual eatery located in this Sud-Ouest borough, and honestly, you haven't tried anything until you've tried their tasty, hearty poutine, sprinkled in with everyone's favourite classic food: hot dogs.


6. Maamm Bolduc's Bourguinonne Poutine

A photo posted by Hannah (@wthannnah) on

4351 Avenue de Lorimier

Seriously, Maamm Bolduc has got one incredibly tasty selection of poutines. But their Bourguinonne Poutine is on a level of its own, mainly due to the addition of red wine sauce (!!).


7. Le Ballpark's Cheeseburger Poutine

A photo posted by Axel Levesque Fortier ( on

6660 Rue Clark

If you love meatballs, then you're going to love Le Ballpark. Located in the Mile Ex, this spot serves up mainly juicy, tasty meatballs. But they've got other dishes too, like their Cheeseburger Poutine, a combination of hamburger, cheese, toppings, and - of course - poutine.


8. Brisket Montreal's Brisket Poutine

A photo posted by marekkuko (@marekkuko) on

1093 Côte du Beaver Hall,

Smoked meat poutine, anyone? Brisket Montreal combines their flavourful, juicy smoked meat with the world's best dish, for one seriously unbeatable meal.


9. Montreal Pool Room's Poutine

A photo posted by Tim K (@tk_fever) on

1217 Boul St-Laurent

Another classic on this list, nothing on this earth is quite like a steaming hot poutine from this iconic Montreal landmark. Eat one, and feel the November blues literally melt away.


10. Le Smoking BBQ's Pulled Pork Poutine

A photo posted by Aretha Eats! (@arethaeats) on

2186 St-Catherine O

Le Smoking BBQ is known for their delicious barbecue foods, so if you're in the mood for meat, you know where to go. If you're in the mood for meat and poutine, then you're also in luck: Le Smoking BBQ makes one seriously tasty poutine, topped with sweet, savoury, juicy chunks of pulled pork.


11. Le Gras Dur's All You Can Eat Poutine

A photo posted by Lauren Gouilloud (@laureng33) on

1660 Rue Jarry E

Honestly, all the poutine at this Villeray spot is so, so amazing. (Including their Touski poutine, my personal fave, featuring breaded chicken, sausage, and braised cabbage). Thankfully, Le Gras Dur hosts weekly "all you can eat poutine" nights at their restaurants, so you can get as much of their tasty, fresh, hot poutines as you can fit in your stomach.


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