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11 Portuguese Restaurants In Montreal You Really Need To Try If You Haven’t Already

This kind of food is love, this kind food is life!

Montreal has one of the largest Portuguese communities in Canada and many Montrealers are familiar with our amazing cuisine, but many need some help knowing where to go to get the best possible Portuguese cuisine experience. I gathered a nice little list of some of the best Portuguese restaurants in the city, from fast food style restaurants to fancy restaurants– there's Portuguese food for all occasions!

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1. Ferreira Café

A photo posted by Ferreira Café (@ferreirarestaurant) on

1446 Rue Peel

Ferreira Café is the finest Portuguese restaurant in the heart of downtown Montreal. A trip to Ferreira Café is like taking a trip to the most exquisite restaurant in Portugal. From the freshest fish and seafood, the finest imported oils to the unparalleled selection of fine Portuguese wine, the owner Carlos Ferreira brings to Montrealers the finest form of dining, Portuguese style. This place is definitely more suited for big occasions, since the menu is not cheap, but I promise your tastebuds will not be disappointed. I still dream about the meal I had last time I went, and every time I think about it, my mouth waters – like right now.

2. Casa Minhota

A photo posted by @eforgetmenot on

3959 Boul St-Laurent

Casa Minhota has a special place in my heart. I have been going there for as long as I can remember, and it is still my family's favourite restaurant to go to. The authentic Portuguese cuisine is delicious, and the friendly staff makes the whole experience so wonderfully pleasant. The cute restaurant has three parts to it, from the little bar to the main seating area to the larger dining area perfect for parties, it all blends in together to cater to anyones needs. They're famous for their grilled calamari, and you'll understand why after you lick the plate clean.

3. Helena

A photo posted by Restaurant Helena (@restauranthelena) on

438 Rue McGil

Helena is a gorgeous restaurant with a great selection of traditional Portuguese dishes wonderfully crafted by chef and owner Helena Loureiro. This place is perfect for date night with your lover or some friends! There is a lunch menu, a supper menu and a large wine selection ready to be tasted. Also in the heart of downtown Montreal, Helena is great for a night on the town. You can never go wrong with Portuguese food, never.

4. Portus 360

A photo posted by Pop Cerise (@popcerise) on

777 Boulevard Robert-Bourassa

Portuscalle with a view! This incredibly mouth watering restaurant was originally called Portuscalle and was located in the plateau, but chef and owner Helena Loureiro had the ingenious idea to revamp and relocate her restaurant and call it Portus 360. As indicated in the name, you get a 360 degree view of downtown Montreal while enjoying your amazing meal. It's a Portuguese restaurant like you've never seen it before, all while keeping true to it's roots and tradition, if you loved Portuscalle, you will not be disappointed.

5. Taberna

A photo posted by Taberna (@tabernamtl) on

368 Rue Saint Paul O

Heavily inspired by Portuguese taverns, Taberna is Portuguese comfort food brought to you in a gorgeous setting placed on the oldest street in Montreal, rue Saint-Paul in Old Montreal. You get a feel of Portugal and Montreal from the outside in! From bifanas to pasteis de nata, your favourites are all in one place, and they're to die for. You can also get take-out, which means you can eat Portuguese food at home without making it yourself... MAJOR KEY.

6. Braseiro

A photo posted by Theresa Magtibay (@livelovelaugh0411) on

8261 Boul St-Laurent

Braseiro is a cute little restaurant famous for their bifanas, they have the best bifanas I have ever had in Montreal. This place is a great spot for a nice little supper with family. They have everything from bacalhau to frango to the amazing bifanas and they're all so good. The portions are big and the prices are little compared to some "fancier" Portuguese restaurants. This is a perfect place to be introduced to Portuguese traditional cuisine, it's a small place but definitely not disappointing!

7. Douro

A photo posted by Michael Vesia (@mtlfoodfotos) on

6518 Boul St-Laurent

Douro is a traditional Portuguese restaurant, it's a classic that never deceives. Their specialty is fish and seafood, they have a good selection of appetizers and of course lots of wine! Great for special occasions or a fancy night out with the girls, Douro will take you on a trip to Douro, Portugal with every bite!

8. Taverne F

A photo posted by Taverne F par Ferreira (@taverne_f) on

1485 Rue Jeanne-Mance

Taverne Portugaise F, another vibrant member of the Ferreira Group is a modern and western take on Portuguese dining–different from all the other restaurants owned by the powerful Carlos Ferreira. Great place to go out with coworkers after a long week of work, you can Portuguese tapas (petiscos) all while enjoying a nice cocktail.

9. Cantinho de Lisboa

A photo posted by Rebecca Geiger (@ioftheteiger) on

356 St-Paul

Cantinho de Lisboa is cute market style place to eat in and take-out for breakfast lunch and dinner. There's a wide variety of Portuguese sandwiches, breads, cheeses and pastries ready to take-out or eat in. You can enjoy a warm coffee in a modern Portuguese café setting with a pastel de nata in the heart of Old Montreal. Perfect for a quick lunch, this place is adorable!

10. Ma Poule Mouillée

A photo posted by @travelandmunchies on

969 Rachel St E

I couldn't make a list of some of the best Portuguese restaurants in Montreal without adding a Portuguese chicken restaurant to the list! Ma Poule Mouillée is a fan favourite, and 100% the best Portuguese style chicken the city has to offer. Ma Poule Mouillée is Quebec's take on Portuguese food and it's amazing. Known best for their chicken and "Portuguese style" poutines, you get yummy Portuguese and Quebec comfort food combined into one. They even have pasties de nata! YAAAAAAS

11. Campo

A photo posted by CAMPO (@campomtl) on

1108 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O

Carlos Ferreira has done it again. The more frango, the better. Also a great combination of Quebec and Portugal, they have delicious Portuguese chicken poutines, super tasty bifanas with a side of fries– Portuguese comfort food for the whole family. This awesome spot is perfect for an amazing lunch break after a long morning of shopping downtown for hours. This restaurant was much anticipated and definitely does not disappoint.

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