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Why You Should Take A Concordia University Night Class

Sleep in and be on time for class!
Why You Should Take A Concordia University Night Class

As a busy adult you already have your fair share of responsibilities – work, family, friends, hobbies, etc. Do you really have time to fit in an education? The answer is yes! … And the way to do this is by taking your classes at night. You’re probably asking yourself why you would want to spend your precious evenings cooped away in a classroom, when you could just as easily be throwing back shots at your local watering hole.

The answer is simple. Night classes rock. Read this list and find out why night classes are better than you think.

1. The 9 to 5

Day classes are the traditional route, but for the nontraditional student, they’re not as convenient. Some students have full-time day jobs to attend to and unfortunately don’t have the luxury or financial assets to quit those jobs to go to classes during the day. Luckily, Concordia night classes are generally only one night a week and can help you dodge the 9-to-5 dilemma. Concordia offers a plethora of fun and educational night classes, but be sure to register ASAP because they tend to fill up rather quickly.

2. Not a Morning Person

Even if you don’t have a job, daytime classes may still prove to be way too much of a scheduling challenge. It could conflict with your morning snooze routine, your espresso bender, and your morning workout. Basically all things vital to a great day. Luckily Concordia caters to those who prefer to catch a few z’s in their own bed rather then in a classroom.

3. You Can Overachieve

Instead of stringing out your classes over the course of the week, night classes allow you to hit a whole cluster of culture all in one night. This means that in addition to having your days available for work, appointments, brunch dates with your buddies and pesky hangovers, you also have some wiggle room on your calendar in between classes to get your assignments done.

4. The Ambiance

What’s the distinction between 8:00am and 8:00pm classes at Concordia – the energy! People are usually more energetic at dusk than at dawn. I don’t know about you, but most people hate early mornings and won’t take classes early in the AM unless they have to. Both you and your teacher have had the morning and afternoon to wake up. People are much more lively in the evening, ergo, it becomes a much more motivating learning environment.

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5. Time Flies

Laughter, chitchat and speedy classes - this is what students prefer because they hate sitting through an endless class period. They grow bored and restless. Many take nighttime classes strictly or solely for this reason; the quicker and livelier a class seems to be, the more engaging it is. Some classes have even been known to pass the scheduled finish time in the classroom and end an hour or two later at La Station de Sport! Sadly, drinks are not included in the semester’s admission fee.

6. Snacking in Class

Bring snacks, most teachers don’t mind the eating. Your mind is bound to wander during three straight hours of class, so keep yourself focused with energizing snacks. If you get as lucky as I did, you may have a food photographer (yes they make their own food for the pictures they take) in your class who will bring her classmates mouthwatering morsels of food to snack on during the lecture. Her cookie dough cheesecake will always hold a special place in my heart.

7. Comfortable Clothing

It’s late, everyone’s had a long day, most people haven’t had dinner and are walking a thin line of irritability and more importantly nobody cares if you wear sweats. Trust me; you aren’t going to want to sit there in your Sunday best at 8 o’ clock at night.

8. Smaller Classes

No giant auditorium size classes for night school at Concordia. Because we were a grand total of 10 students in class we had the luxury of meeting in one of Concordia’s lab rooms – floor to ceiling windows, couches with cushions and no desks! The Eden of classrooms.

9. Teacher-Student Rapport

During night classes, teachers are more apt to treating their students as adults (could be because most of them are sporting grey in their faux hawks but I digress), as opposed to day classes where students are more coddled. This freedom allows students to become independent and to ultimately thrive in the classroom.

10. Peers

Night classes open the opportunity to attend university to a wider group of people. Because not everyone can afford to attend school without working full time, night classes open the door to these students and increase the diversity in the classroom. Furthermore, the student sitting beside you is usually there because they want to be and not because they are forced to be – they are paying for their own tuition so the chances of them interrupting the lesson with their snores or candy crush dings is highly unlikely.

11. Prime Time Drinking Hour

Booze is something you're unlikely to be able to avoid when you go to university. Every university student knows that after a long week of studying hard you can hardly wait for one night where you can forget about the books and have some fun. But sometimes you just can’t wait those four or five days to have a break. After a long day of work and a full night of classes maybe what you need is a weeknight filled with fun. The Faubourg is itself full of cafes and at least one bar. And there are loads of places in the immediate vicinity of Concordia's downtown campus to throw back a brewski and end the night with a pinch of salt, a dash of lemon and a whole lot of tequila.

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