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11 Reasons You Should Never Ever Date A Guy From Montreal's Concordia University Ever Ever Ever

As someone who has dated her fair share of Concordians - and who was a proud Concordian for a little while there - let me tell you one thing with confidence: Concordia is great. The students are great. Everything about the school is pretty much awesome.

So, if someone tells you the following 11 things about people from Concordia... then whatever you do, at all costs, do not believe them.

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1. They're totally not passionate about anything at all.

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It doesn't matter that Concordia's students are some of the most socially aware in the city. Nope. Not at all.

2. Plus, the responsibility level is, like, a total 0.

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I mean, just because Concordia has some awesome faculties where students tend to excel, doesn't mean anything.

3. They're probably not that great at navigating the city.

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Concordia is super easy to get around, but it's still spread out across the downtown area and NDG. So, you know, any guy who knows their way around the Concordia campuses probably isn't too awesome at navigation.

4. They've got no sense of style.

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5. And they're never serious about anything.

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6. They're super indecisive about what they want to do in life.

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Nevermind that Concordia students in general tend to excel at whichever programs they pick. Nope. Nevermind that at all.

7. Sports just aren't their thing.

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8. And plus, they don't know how to have fun.

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9. They're not super environmentally conscious.

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Seriously, the environment means nothing to Concordia students.

10.  Concordians just straight up don't study.

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11. They come from the worst school ever: Concordia.

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Seriously, just check out why you shouldn't ever go to Concordia, right here.

Jokes, friends. Concordia's an amazing school, and the guys/girls/students who go there? Even better.

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