10 Ridiculous Things Americans Say When They Find Out You're Canadian

Canadians are just these peaceful, sweet, warmhearted individuals who live in nature and say sorry every chance they get, right? Wrong. I was at this music festival in Miami not too long ago, and was talking to this couple from Tennessee. The second they found out I was Canadian, I got bombarded with the most ridiculous stereotypes I have ever heard. Some so stupid I couldn't believe they were said out loud. Don't worry, by the end of the night they stood corrected.  Here are some of those ridiculous things, and the perfect reaction for next time you encounter them.

1. So you live in Toronto?

Over 100 cities and you're going with- no. Just no.

2. Isn't that next to the North Pole?

A white girl "can't even".

3. You're from Canada - you must be used to the cold. Haha i'm original.

Haha, no you're not.

4. Canadian, EH?

Guys make it stop.

5. So you watch hockey/play hockey/own a hockey stick?


6. Do you guys live in igloos?

Do you live on another planet where hypothermia doesn't exist????

7. No but where are you really from?

This one is typical when your features are a bit exotic and you don't look full blown Caucasian. My parents moved here from another country and I look like this...It still makes me Canadian.

8. So you're under British rule but don't come from England?

I'm not even getting started on how uninformed people are about Canadian politics, because it's ridiculous.

9. You guys are so nice!

Yes, we bump into each other and apologize because we're POLITE, you f#!%. Sorry that was rude.

10. Justin Bieber is from Canada!

JB? What about DRAKE? I'm done.