Alright, I honestly can't even express how much I love pic-nics. Is there anything more fun than grabbing some food, a bunch of friends, a blanket, and enjoying the beauty that is nature?

No, no there's not. And, thankfully for us, Montreal is full of beautiful places to enjoy an awesome pic-nic.

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1. Île de la Visitation

TBH, Ile de la Visitation is my all-time favourite spot to go to in Montreal – for literally anything. It’s an awesome spot to sight-see, to go jogging or biking in, and, of course, for a pic-nic.

You can pretty much set up shop anywhere, and find benches to sit and eat at by the water for extra chill pic-nic vibes. But, if you’re down to have yourself a good old-fashioned pic-nic party, then keep in mind that they do have a little area where grills are allowed, so you might want to unfurl the blanket over there.

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2. Little Italy Park

Honestly, if you’ve been in Montreal for any amount of time, the chances are super high that you know about this spot. This is a relatively well-known place to set up for a pic-nic, especially if your pic-nic is fuelled by Dinette Triple Crown.

Let me explain: Dinette Triple Crown offers pic-nic takeaways (complete with blankets and baskets) for their food, and the best place to enjoy your tasty fried chicken in the outdoors? This charming, beautiful spot, located just across the street.

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3. Jarry Park

If you’re actually in love with Jarry Park, raise your hand. Is everyone’s hand raised? Good. It should be.

Jarry Park is incredibly scenic, TBH. It’s got a big, beautiful water fountain; a gorgeous gazebo; a super fun pool; and plenty of greenspace to lay out your pic-nic basket and feast with your friends.

My favourite thing about this park, though? Its super chill vibe. Time kind of seems to stand still here, which makes it a prime spot to chill with friends and enjoy some delicious, home-packed food.

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4. Maisonneuve Park

This huge park is located in the East end of the city, close to the Olympic Stadium and the Botanical Gardens. If that seems like a quite a bit of travel time for some of us, trust me when I say that it’s well worth the adventure.

Basically a huge greenspace, Maisonneuve Park offers the perfect pic-nic experience. And, bonus points if you and your pic-nic pals are down to get a little bit active after digging in: This park offers numerous bike and jogging paths, too.

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5. Ahuntsic Park

Other than being an awesome spot to creep some seriously beautiful cherry blossom trees, Ahuntsic Park is also a prime place to come and unroll that pic-nic blanket and enjoy some good times with friends.

Not only is the greenspace here is unbelievable, meaning you’ve got tons of ace locations to vibe on that pic-nic, but there are tons of events going on at this park throughout the summer, so you’ve got your post-pic-nic activities covered here, too.

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6. La Fontaine Park

Pretty much Montreal’s version of Central Park, La Fontaine offers a welcome respite right in the middle of the busy city.

The main attraction here is the park’s crazy huge and seriously gorgeous fountain (lake?). Honestly, there’s nothing quite like setting up a pic-nic near the fountain… Or, you know, heading to Banquise for a poutine and then eating that near the fountain. Whatever floats your boat, friends.

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7. Westmount Park

Ever crave a pic-nic in the middle of the week? It’s okay if you have. Pic-nics are wesome, and I strongly believe we should be having them more often.

And, for that spontaneous pic-nic day, Westmount Park is perfect. Centrally located right in Westmount (as the name suggests), this spot is close to tons of grocery stores and spots to grab a bite to go.

So call up some friends, grab some food, set up shop right by the park’s peaceful pond, and enjoy your impromptu pic-nic party.

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8. René-Lévesque Park

Where my Lachine people at? Honestly, the Lachine Canal is probably one of the prettiest spots in the whole city, and Rene-Levesque Park – located in between the canal and the Saint Lawrence River – is no different.

Setting up your pic-nic here is a surefire way to get to enjoy good company, good food, and beautiful views; and no worries either if you’re not down to pack your own food. The plethora of amazing restaurants right across the canal have got you covered.

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9. Beaver Lake

The quintessential spot in Montreal to go for a pic-nic - or to chill with friends, or a jog, or anything, really - is Montreal's Beaver Lake, located on Mount Royal.

If you've ever been there, then it's really kind of obvious why this super vibrant spot is so popular. Not only is it incredibly beautiful - with a vast greenspace and a pretty lake right in the center - but it's also got a really fun, yet chill, vibe. Pic-nic party? Here we come.

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10. Outremont Park

Searching for an awesome spot to set up that pic-nic? Well, search no longer. Outremont Park is here to save the day.

Featuring tons of greenspace (and lots of spots for you to set up your pic-nic basket), a gorgeous pond, and an overall friendly, peaceful vibe, this Outremont spot is like a little haven, right in the middle of the city, and sure to be your new fave spot to set up a pic-nic with friends.

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11. Angrignon Park

Okay, where do I even begin with this spot? Located in the Sud-Ouest, it might be a little ways away from some of us. But this is a prime pic-nic spot, and well worth the trek.

If you’re looking for a gorgeous and scenic park, then look no further. Angrignon Park boasts some of the most beautiful scenery in the city, and although it’s got tons of greenspace, my favourite spot to set up shop is right near the park’s huge pond.

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