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11 Secret Montreal Poutine Restaurants You Probably Didn't Know Existed

The best spots you don't know about.
11 Secret Montreal Poutine Restaurants You Probably Didn't Know Existed

Yes, that's right, this is another article about poutine, but it's not like you can say anything, you clicked on the link after all. And if you're reading, it's probably because you need to add some spice to your poutine life, because all those trips to La Banquise or Bell-Pro are getting really old.

I know the struggle, as it's hard to find a new poutine spot when you already have one you love. And you're even more hesitant because seemingly every restaurant serves poutine, so how can you tell which random places actually do fries, cheese, and gravy well?

To save you some calories on a poutine-tasting adventure around the city (though that does sound amazing), we've compiled a list of some of the city's better kept secrets when it comes to poutine.

Read on and get hungry, then eating, of course.

Chez Claudette

351 Laurier

Two words will instantly convince you as to why you need to hit up Chez Claudette for your fries-cheese-gravy fix: Pogo Poutine.

Yes, that's right, Chez Claudette fuses everyone's favourite corn dog into a poutine, making for a delectable journey of greasy flavours. Chez Claduette boasts a wide variety of similarly sinful poutines as well, all of which are (nearly) as delicious as the Pogo variety.

So next time you want to hit up La Banquise for a creative poutine, try out Chez Claudette instead. The poutines are arguably better and the lines will no doubt be shorter.


Decarie Hot Dog

953 Decarie

Folks who live in Ville Saint Laurent know that if you're going to get a poutine, you need to head to Decarie Hot Dog. Don't be taken aback by the name of the resto, because while they do make a mean steamie, the poutine is the true star of the show.


Dépanneur Nouveau Forum

1250 Crescent

With 15 poutines on the menu, it's hard to say that Dépanneur Nouveau Forum is just a dep, because it's definitely more of a poutine resto. Actually, lets just call it a poutinerie, because in all honesty, it kind of sucks as a dep, but they're poutines are straight up next level.

Using a traditional Québécoise recipe, Dépanneur Nouveau Forum's poutine is titled by some as the best in the city. Now, that may just be folks who constantly go out on Crescent, but after trying DNF's poutine, you'd be hard to deny the claim. Seriously, this spot is maybe the one reason why you should go out on Crescent.


Restaurant Dame Tartine

1653 Ontario E

Plenty of Montreal breakfast/brunch restos serve breakfast poutines, so why is Dame Tartine worthy of this list? Well, first, the ones that do are very well known, and second, we think the best is at Dame Tartine.

Despite being a Quebec resto chain, not too many know of the glory that is Dame Tartine's breakfast poutine, which features seasoned potatoes, your choice of meat or veggies, poached egg, cheese, and plenty of Hollondaise sauce. No breakfast has ever been more delicious.


Restaurant AA

3702 Notre Dame

Montreal instagrammer MsGeekChic worded the flavour of Restaurant AA's poutine best, describing it being "like a hug from a unicorn." You might find that description nonsensical and hyperbolic, but that's only because you haven't had double-A's poutine.

With notes of nutmeg and cinnamon, this Saint Henri diner-dive has a very unique poutine, one that definitely warrants a trip to the Sud-Ouest borough.


Restaurant Lafayette

1874 Sainte Catherine E

Well-known to some, but unknown to many, Restaurant Lafayette is a solid restaurant with plenty of delectable dishes on its menu, but the their poutine steals the show.

Our resident foodie Miranda Cipolla could only use the word "dayummm" to describe Restaurant Lafayette's poutine, and given that she's somewhat of an expert on the city's food scene, you can rest easy knowing you'll probably say the same.


Double Pizza

5942 Sherbrooke E

I once had a friend who lived right on the corner of Sherbrooke and St. Denis, a 30-second walk from Double Pizza, who said the hole-in-the-wall pizzeria has "the best in poutine the city." I was understandably hesitant to believe my chum, given Double P's less than glamorous ambiance (and for the fact that it's a pizza joint) but I'm happy to report my misgivings were entirely unfounded.

The exact kind of sloppy mess of a meal you want when you're in need of some delicious comfort food, Double Pizza's poutine gets major points for the fries. Akin to the deliciously crispy fries found at Costco, Double Pizza's poutine doesn't lose much structural integrity thanks to the potato element, which is quite the feat given the amount of cheese and gravy they throw on top.


Casse-Croûte Normand

4826 rue de Verdun

It's pretty much a rule that a hole-in-the-wall will serve better poutine than any fancy establishment, and Verdun's Casse-Croûte Normand lives up to that saying, and then some.

Creating hand-crafted poutines since 1964, Casse-Croûte Normand has remained the place to go when you're hangry (hungry + angry) for a fries-cheese-gravy trinity in the borough, reason enough for you to check the place out. A better reason: the maple-bacon poutine.


Ma Poule Mouillée

969 Rachel E

I've already spoken at-length at how amazing Ma Poule Mouillée's Portuguese chicken is, going as far as to say it's better than Romados (it is), but now it's time to talk about the other amazing aspect of Ma Poule Mouillée's menu, namely the Portugese poutine.

Gigantic in every sense of the word, Ma Poule Mouillée's poutine features the resto's delectable Portugese chicken and chorizo sausage, along with fries, curds, and gravy, of course. Together, all the ingredients make for a poutine that's so delicious you'll eat it all, despite the size.



1206 Peel

Probably my favourite spot for shawarmas and Middle Eastern eats in general (sorry Boustan), Shawarmaz gets tons of extra points for their special poutines.

As close as anyone is going to get to a "Creation Poutine," Shawarmaz offered poutines gained some exposure during Poutine Week 2015, but we still feel that most of the city isn't aware of the ingenious fusion of culinary cultures that can be found at this downtown eatery.



300 rue Bridge

When it comes to buying in bulk, Costco is on everyone radar, but when it comes to poutine, not so much. We're hoping to change that fact, because Coscto makes one of the most legit poutines you can find on the island.

Yes, this is a chain store, and no, their poutine isn't homemade or artisanal or anything, but it is epic-level delicious. Everyone knows Costco fries are the best kind of crispy, so just think how amazing they are joined with curds and gravy. The answer is very, very delicious.


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