11 Secret Netflix Features You Didn't Know About

Enhance your experience.
11 Secret Netflix Features You Didn't Know About

Netflix may just be the greatest thing to happen to movies and television in recent memory, but now you can make it even better.

The streaming service has more features and options than ever, as well a secret features, and some very useful add-ons that will help you make the most of your Netflix experience.

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Here are 11 Netflix features you didn't know about:

1. Remove "Guilty Pleasure's" From Your Lists

Did you "accidentally" click on an Adam Sandler movie, and you don't want you family to think you actually watched it? Or perhaps you child watched "Moana" on your account and now all your recommendations are Disney movies. Well now you can simply delete your browsing history by clicking here and removing the title you don't want to see.

2. Secret Netflix Codes

Did you know there is a way that you can bypass the standard Netflix interface, and go directly to the hidden categoriesand genres that Netflix's algorithm is holding out on you? Well, there is a way to find them! Here is the complete list.


Netflix may be a streaming service, but they are also your own personal media library. Which means you can download any movie or TV episode you want and save it for later. No streaming and no wasting data.

4. Get A Sneak Peak At All The Upcoming Movie And TV Shows

Wants to know what coming up on Netflix next month? MTLBlog are the first in Canada to publish the list of all the new releases, so keep an eye open every month between the 19th and the 22nd for the latest list.

5. Get Your Own Profile

Does you girlfriend watch a bunch of shows you hate? Well good news, because you can set up your own profile with your own preferences, that way Netflix will finally stop recommending Grey's Anatomy to you.

6. Netflix Roulette

Don't feel like deciding what to watch? Play Netflix roulette instead! Because making decisions is hard.

7. Automatic Subscription To Every Netflix Around The World

Did you know that if you have a Netflix subscription, it's valid worldwide! That means that when you go to another country that has their own version of Netflix, you can automatically access that country's movie and TV show selection.

8. "Secret" Audiobooks

In this busy world we live in, looking up at a screen isn't always an option. However, you don't have to "see" you favorite show to watch it. Click the subtitle option and you'll see an "audio" tab. Click "English - Audio description" and a nice narrator will let you know about all the visuals you're missing out on.

9. Stop Netflix From Judging You

If you're tired of Netflix asking you if you're "still watching?" or perhaps you can't stand the 30 countdown delay between episodes, you can customize all of that with a Chrome extension called Flix Assist.

10. Kick Off Your Ex

Many people share Netflix passwords with their roommates or significant others. But after you move away or breakup, you may not want to have all these people mooching off your account. Luckily you can boot them out by going to: My Account > Sign out of all devices. Just make sure update your password afterwards.

11. Practice A 2nd Language

If you want to practice your French speaking skills but you have no one to practice with, you can simply put on your favorite Netflix show using French audio paired with and English subtitles (or vice versa) to practice a different language from the privacy of your living room.