11 Small Wins That Will Make Any Montrealer's Day A Lot Better

Things that make you mentally fist pump when they happen.
11 Small Wins That Will Make Any Montrealer's Day A Lot Better

Photo cred - Alanah Heffez

There are several places in the world more bleak than a typical Montreal street in winter, like a ghost town in a desert, an understaffed retirement home, the empty Toronto Maple Leafs locker room on the first day of playoffs, etc. But just because the world outside is becoming a monochromatic montage of sadness doesn't mean it has to drag you down too, as long these small victories still exist in your life.

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Getting to the depanneur at 10:55PM

... and watching the cashier's face when they check the clock before ringing up your beer.

When you get to the metro platform and the Metrovision screens say 01 MIN to arrival

Fucking score.

When you hear about free food, and it turns out you're about to head in that direction anyways

This is when you know the stars have aligned to shower you with blessings.

When the Habs win with a ridiculous number of goals.

Score? please score again.

When the Leafs or the Bruins lose with a ridiculous number of goals.

The above picture is a philosophical dilemma- is the enemy of my enemy my friend? Is the loss of my enemy to my enemy my victory?

When the temperature goes from "fucking freezing" to merely "kind of cold as fuck"

In winter, 0°C is considered t-shirt weather.

When Tim Hortons mess up your order and gives you free stuff.

I once got two bagels and a medium ice capp for the price of one small ice capp, because it was rush hour in Timmie's and no one knows what's going on.

When you scan your OPUS successfully through your bag

That moment when you casually set your backpack down at exactly the right angle so your card presses against the scanner perfectly: this is basically a James Bond-level of being suave, right?

Snow days.

Too bad the snow would have to be a meter high before anyone admits it's a snow day, but still.

When you look outside right on a crisp winter morning, and you realise you live in a beautiful city.