11 Spots To Bring A Date For An Ultra-Romantic Meal In Montreal

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11 Spots To Bring A Date For An Ultra-Romantic Meal In Montreal

There are a ton of restaurants that make great date spots in Montreal, however choosing the right place ultimately depends what type of experience you're looking for.  

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If you're specifically looking for an extra-romantic and "special occasion" date spot - I'm talking soft lighting, smooth music, and amazing food - there are a few quintessential restaurants in Montreal that will serve up a memorable experience for you and your date.

Here's the list of the spots you need to go if you're looking to take someone special out for a romantic meal in Montreal.

1. Check out Restaurant Ile Flottante for a special occasion date

Where: 176 St-Viateur West // Mile-End

Why you should go: This Mile-End restaurant - formerly known as Les Deux Singes - opened just this past Fall 2017. A highly anticipated opening in Montreal and only positive reviews so far. The delicate and contemporary bistro food is perfect for a date you are truly looking to impress and share a memorable meal with.


2. Visit Bouillon Bilk for a modern and truly memorable meal

Where: 1595 St-Laurent // Downtown

Why you should go: Bouillon Bilk serves beautifully plated contemporary bistro dishes in a clean and unfussy atmosphere. It's all about the food here. This is the perfect date spot for a couple that can truly appreciate a high-end culinary experience.


3. Check out Tuck Shop for a laid-back high-end meal

Where: 4662 Notre Dame West // St-Henri

Why you should go: Tuck Shop is an essential Montreal restaurant for those looking for an elevated dining experience without all the fuss. The atmosphere is rustic, warm and inviting - and the space super intimate. Get your reso early - this intimate spot is very popular and often fully booked for weeks at a time.


4. Visit Le Bremner with your seafood-lover 

Where: 361 St-Paul East // Old Port

Why you should go: Four words: decadent seafood inspired dishes. That is what you can expect when visiting celebrity chef Chuck Hughes Le Bremner in the Old Port. This restaurant is also tucked away in a grotto-like space in the Old Port, making the vibe extra romantic and intimate.


5. Check out Restaurant Manitoba with someone who appreciates unique ingredients

Where: 271 St-Zotique West // Mile-Ex

Why you should go: Manitoba is all about creating elevated dishes with locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. A visit to this mile-ex spot will definitely provide a memorable date experience with someone special.


6. Check out Dominion Square Tavern for a casual meal and drinks

Where: 1243 Metcalfe // Downtown

Why you should go: Dominion Square Tavern is perfect for a laid-back day date. The food is simple and tasty and the drinks are always on point. And the atmosphere kind of makes you feel like you're in a historical building in New York City, too.


7. Visit Amelia's Pizza for a reasonably priced romantic meal

Where: 201 Rue Milton // Downtown

Why you should go: For a casual and guaranteed comforting dining experience take your date to Amelia's Pizza in the McGill Ghetto. This spot doesn't take reservations and usually has a line up, but that's for a good reason. Bring your own wine and expect to leave full.


8. Check out Restaurant Hopkins for a swanky yet laid-back date in the West

Where: 5626 Monkland // NDG

Why you should go: A new gem of NDG and Monkland Village, Hopkins is sure to provide you with a memorable date and experience. Call for your reso now, it's sure to get booked fast.


9. Check out Restaurant Maison Publique for chill but intimate date spot

Where: 4720 Rue Marquette // Plateau

Why you should go: Maison Publique serves drinks, brunch, lunch and dinner, so no matter what your idea of a "perfect" date - this spot can do a lot more than just dinner. The atmosphere is laid-back and trendy but never pretentious.


10. Visit BOHO MTL for a tropical date experience 

Where: 436 St-Francois Xavier // Old Port

Why you should go: This old port gem serves mega yummy and fruity cocktails that make you feel like you took a micro tropical vacation. But, they also serve up some light food options like tacos, flat bread and Poke bowls. The music is perfect, too - making it a great spot for a casual date. The prices are very reasonable as well.


11. Visit the very romantic Restaurant Nora Grey for a special occasion date

Where: 1391 St-Jacques // Giffintown

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Why you should go: Warm, cozy, and intimate - just a few words to describe this little gem of a restaurant, serving perfect rustic Italian dishes. This spot is a quintessential romantic restaurant in Montreal.


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