11 Summer Jobs You Can Get Hired For Across Canada

Make good money in only a couple months.
11 Summer Jobs You Can Get Hired For Across Canada

It may only be the end of February, but I simply know that all of the students reading are already looking towards summer. And not in the "omg I can't wait to have no school work once summer hits" way, you're too broke for that. You're thinking "holy sh*t how am I going to make money this summer?" which is something of an annual dilemma for students across the nation.

Your forward-thinking anxiety is actually a good thing, though, as you can lock down a cool job now before everyone else scrambles for summer employment come April. Let us help you out with a few solid suggestions (some of which I wish I knew about when I was a student) on Canada's best jobs for students looking to make some money over the summer.

Get Back To Earth On A Farm For A Summer

All of us urbanites have next to no clue what the farm life is like, and all of the manual labour that goes into being a farmhand. You can, however, take a summer to find out, while traveling all over Canada, which is the perfect way to get unplug from your tech-driven life, learn some useful agricultural skills, and live like you never would in Montreal.

A wide assortment of farms are actively seeking out seasonal workers for summer 2016, and GoodWork.ca is a great place to start your search.

Earn A Wage As A Cherry Picker

No, not the douche who always waits for easy shots on net, but a literal cherry picker. Coral Beach Farms, located in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, is one the most well-known places to get a gig as a Cherry Picker in Canada, ensuring you're working in some pretty scenic environments. As a cherry picker, your pay is determined by the weight of your load, and not hourly, which is something to consider, though most tend to walk away with a pretty good wage once they get the hang of it.

You can find out more info about cherry picking at Coral Beach Farms here, and for more fruit-picking employment opportunities, head to PickingJobs.com.

Go Classic And Be A Camp Counsellor

Even though it's kind of done-to-death summer job, being a camp counsellor definitely has its perks. You get to have fun outdoors, go on tours, work with other young counsellors, and even gain the opportunity to travel if you get hired at a camp in other parts of Canada. Of course, there is the not-so-amazing part where you have to deal with a horde of energetic kids and mean-spirited tweens, but speaking from experience, campers are generally more fun than they are annoying. Most folks who have been counsellors at a camp in the past are probably going to return, but for anyone looking to branch out to other provinces, SummerCampStaff.com does a solid job of compiling camp counsellor employment opportunities.

Earn Cash As A Seasonal Home Painter

Not all that creative, getting a gig as a painter in the summer is still a viable option. The pay is fairly decent, you typically get to work with people around your age, and you're not sitting down at a desk all day, all of which rounds out to make a seasonal home painter a go-to summer gig for tons of Canadian students.

Get Hired At An Amusement Park

As a kid, you always saw amusement parks as a constant source of entertainment. Now that you're a broke student, your eyes only see "source of income." And given the rate at which popular parks hire when it gets warm, becoming an employee is a pretty easy way to make some summer-dollars. Employment opportunities will vary depending on where you live, of course. Folks in Ottawa can drive out to Calypso Water Park, Montrealers can get a job at La Ronde, GTA students have Canada's Wonderland, and the list goes on.

Become A Parks Canada Youth Ambassador

A special program organized by Parks Canada, as a Youth Ambassador you get to simultaneously enjoy the splendours of nature at one of Canada's most prestigious parks while ensuring visitors have an amazing time too (which is pretty much your job). Designed for students returning to school in September, the Youth Ambassador position offers you a lot of different ways to grow professionally, as you'll be involved in a variety of projects throughout the summer season.

For more info on the position, head here.

Fly To France As A Canadian Student Guide

Live in Northern France for the summer, and get paid? Sounds like a pretty sweet gig, and if you're cool with public speaking (and happen to be a history buff) then being a student guide at the Canadian National Vimy Memorial and the Beaumont-Hamel Newfoundland Memorial might be perfect for you. In the role, you'll be taking tourists on tours of the sites, which means you'll have to be very knowledgable on Canada's role in WWI, something you'll learn through the job's training. Montrealers are actually perfectly suited for the gig, too, as you need to be perfectly bilingual to be a Student Guide. You will be in France, after all.

To find out more, head here.

Search & Rescue In The Canadian Coast Guard Inshore Rescue Boat Service

If you're looking for a summer job that's entirely unique and rife with adventure, then teaming up with the Canadian Coast Guard as a student member of the Inshore Rescue Boat Service may be for you. Becoming part of the IRB Crew will mean you'll be on-hand to help with "responding and providing assistance to mariners in distress." If hired, you'll have the chance to become a Crew Members or a Boat Coxswain, with the former being more hands-on and in the field and the latter being more managerial-focused.

Get all the info here.

Take Tourists On Tours Around The Nation's Capital

Make Canada look good as you become a Capital Information Officer and Tour Guide in Ottawa for the summer season. A program created and run by the Canadian government, the role involves learning a fair amount about the nation's capital, from activities to monuments to services. Ideal for Montrealers, a Capital Information Officer and Tour Guide needs to be fluent in both of Canada's official languages, as you'll be giving tours to a wide assortment of visitors. The base pay isn't too shabby either, set at a solid $16.72/hour.

To find out more, head here.

Research (And Get Paid) In The Great Lakes Area Summer Science Student Program

Science students with a passion for the environment, this one's for you, as the Canadian government organizes the Great Lakes Area Summer Science Student Program each and every summer. Working with Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO), students will "collect, process, analyze, provide operational support and report on fisheries related operations." A healthy mix between field and lab work, some of the tasks a student can expect are collection biological samples in certain lakes and rivers, analyzing the chemical makeup of Great Lakes, and gathering information on Species at Risk.

If all that sounds amazing to you, head to the job profile for more details.

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Go Tree Planting In B.C.

While there are definitely tree planting opportunities in provinces outside of British Columbia, Canada western-most province is the most popular place for students looking to make some money over the summer by planting new trees. More physically demanding than most people tend to think at first, a tree planting job is definitely a workout in itself. Combined with the fact that your wage is dependant on how many trees you actually plant, don't assume the gig is going to be a walk in the park. Still, all that physical activity can be seen as a boon, especially when you take into account that you'll be working in some of the most beautiful landscapes Canada has to offer. And you can actually make a fair bit of cash once you get a handle on proper tree planting technique.

To find out more and check out some job postings, TreePlanter.com is a great resource.

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