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11 Super Cheap Things You Can Get At IKEA That Will Totally Transform Your Place

A whole new ambiance for your home.
11 Super Cheap Things You Can Get At IKEA That Will Totally Transform Your Place

Who here is a total lover of everything home decor? Raise your hand high and proud, friend, because you and I are in the same exact boat.

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If you're like me, then you know just how expensive this addiction can be. But no worries. Montreal's IKEA, AKA every decor lover's paradise, is chalk full of inexpensive and cute pieces that, if you know how to place them correctly, can absolutely change your living space.

1. Nesna Nightstand

A photo posted by Maja Amundsen (@majaamundsen) on

First of all, let me just start off by saying that this piece is beautiful in its natural state. Bamboo wood and glass are an unbeatable combination, and this is the perfect addition to any space that needs a little help in the zen department.

But one of the big reasons why I feel like the piece can totally transform your space is because of how versatile it is. It can blend into the background if you need it to, or it can stand out as a strong piece all on its own, especially with a little elbow grease and DIY magic. And, hey, for just under $25, that's practically a steal.

2. LACK Wall Shelf Unit

A photo posted by Joce (@ladyjsublime) on

Okay, granted, this shelf unit might be a little bit on the steep side, coming in at about $70. But it's more than worth the price for what you're getting, especially since this shelf can turn your space from lacklustre to awesome.

3. Alex Desk Add-On

A photo posted by Magga (@margarita_trs) on

Technically, this meant to go on top of a pre-existing desk setup. But if you're crafty, you can use this compact and convenient set of drawers to build your own desk, vanity, or shelf, which makes it perfect for a small space or for tying together a spot that's got a lot going on.

4. LACK Shelf

A photo posted by Andrea GARCIA (@andreascognamiglio) on

Did I ever mention how much I love the LACK series? It's saved my small apartment life on more than one occasion. The pieces are adorable, super cheap, and can be used in a variety of ways... Case in point, the LACK shelves. Although they seem a bit boring on their own, trust, you can do pretty much anything with them. Create a cute wall shelf pattern; use them for shoes; use them in the kitchen for spaces and cookbooks; whatevs, friends, it's all good.

5. Hektar Floor Lamp

A photo posted by BRIE SMELTZ (@smeltzhaus) on

Okay, oversized floor lamps are so in right now. The Hektar lamp is oversized and seriously cute, and comes in a variety of colours to match with your decor - plus, at $70, you're getting a super good deal, especially considering other big lamps can range in the 100s.

6. Alseda Stool

A photo posted by Naomi ( on

This little wicker-lick seat is seriously adorable and seriously versatile. Made with banana fibre and coming in at about $40, this is a sturdy and cute addition to any space - especially one that's strapped for space.

7. Melltorp Table

A photo posted by Esmée (@veggielista) on

TBH, Mellatorp tables are bae. They get the job done and come in two sizes, the smaller of which is perfect for a dining table in a small kitchen or a desk/vanity in a compact bedroom. They range in price from $40-$60, and considering the price of other dining tables... Well, trust, you're getting the deal of the century.

8. LACK TV Bench

A photo posted by 이윤주(Valentine) (@valentineyunju) on

Guys, I told you I'm obsessed with the LACK series. Honestly, the LACK TV Bench is probably my favourite piece in the whole series, just because it's perfect for pretty much anything. I have it in my living room for its legit purpose and it works great, but you could also use it in your hallway, living room, kitchen, or even bathroom, or as an extra, minimalistic piece for storage.

9. Sunnersta Utility Cart

A photo posted by HomeByRonja (@homebyronja) on

I don't know why, but I'm actually obsessed with carts. They're like the most convenient pieces of furniture - they've got wheels, you can put whatever on them, and you can use them everywhere, literally. Which is why I love this Sunnersta cart so much. You can use it in the kitchen or in your bathroom, or even in your bedroom for storing makeup (and other things).

10. Karmsund Table Mirror

A photo posted by IKEA Deutschland (@ikeadeutschland) on

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking please, please tell me how a mirror can totally transform my space? Well, friend, this is a table mirror. Meaning you can plop it on your desk/vanity/dining room table/coffee table/side table and watch as it becomes the most convenient piece of furniture you own while also managing to tie in your whole room decor. Winning? At $50, you know it does.

11. Nornas Wine Raek

A photo posted by Contadina's way - Sabine (@contadinasway) on

Although these are technically made for wine, they're actually the perfect storage compartments. I mean, yes, sure, you can store your entire wine collection in these X-shaped shelves, but also, you can use them for decor, or for storing legit anything else. And at $15, how can you possibly go wrong?

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