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11 "Super Healthy" Montreal Restaurants You Need To Eat At If You Haven’t Already

With so many of us working irregular hours and living busy lives lets be honest it isn't always easy to cook and eat healthy.

Fast food always seems to be the most convenient and readily available. Therefore I have taken it on myself, on behalf of all you health food lovers out there to compile a list of where we can get great healthy takeout in Montreal.

Now a definition of healthy is very unclear and is very much unique to the individual. There are new superfood discoveries and diets on the market ever couple of months, therefore everyone has their unique view and interpretation. However, whatever healthy is to you I am sure you will not be disappointed by the chooses on the list below.

1. A&V Alimentation Verte

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6745 Jarry East

This quaint little restaurant is situated in the studios of Montreal Yoga Lounge, and is so much more than a gourmet salad bar. Their extremely healthy menu has everything from salad made from 100% bio lettuce, to superfood smoothies and homemade hummus. Everything is conveniently available in takeout boxes, and delivery is available Wednesday to Friday 10am to 4pm.


2. Falafel Avenue

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2020 Boulevard Robert-Bourassa

This vegetarian restaurant prides themselves in being all about serving up falafel like you’ve never tasted it before. Have them in a sandwich, salad or pita and even part of a Trio menu for added value. Delivery is available within the opening hours of Monday to Friday, 11am to 7pm.


3. Sue

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2660 rue Beaubien Est

This Asian sandwich restaurant produces mouth watering, fresh and healthy spring rolls and skewers. They offer a range of different meats and flavors to go and even offer delivery for free for the first 2kms on an order over $15.


4. Freshii

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3454 Av du Parc

Tucked away on avenue du parc it can be easily missed but definitely worth seeking out. This worldwide franchise was developed with the idea to help people live healthier and for longer. They offer the famous Buddha bowl and and burritos that can be made to measure. They aim is to provide fresh and nutritious meal choices that energize people on the go.

5. La Panthère Verte

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2153 Mackay Street//160 St-Viateur Street E.//145 Mont-Royal Avenue E.

With 3 locations to choose from you are not lacking in accessibility. Known for their vegan and organic produce it is perfect for a refreshing smoothie. Their FalaFusion sandwich served in a pita is simply to die for. In keeping with their healthy mentality they offer delivery by bike 7 days a week in opening hours.


6. Natura Juicery

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212 Avenue Mont-royal est

If you are looking for a refreshing juice with amazing detoxifying powers to accompany your super fresh and healthy meal look no further than Natura Juicey. Along side their magic juices they offer a wide array of sandwiches and salads to go. Again delivery is available within working hours.


7. Première Moisson

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860 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est

These fantastic bakeries are dotted all around the city and surprisingly offer an array of salads, sandwiches and gluten free alternatives to go. So why not profit to pick up a fresh gluten free loaf and food to go at the same time.


8. Aux Vivres

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4631 boulevard Saint-Laurent

This vegan restaurant offers baked-to-order chapati sandwiches, rice bowls, salads, burgers, and daily soups and specials, fresh juices and smoothies, all prepared from scratch using a maximum of seasonal, organic and local produce. With one of the best online delivery services they offer everything from Tempeh to Tofu.


9. Omnivore

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4351 Boul St-Laurent

Omnivore prides itself on serving Mid-eastern cuisine in the heart of Mont-Royal. The menu varies from herbivore salads to carnivore plates. Enjoy their succulent sandwiches and ‘taouks’ carefully grilled over maple charcoal. Construct your perfect combination and in no time at all take it to go.


11. Le Lunch Box (Paléo)

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5906 boulevard Monk

These meals are not just healthy but can be specific to either a paléo, gluten free or vegetarian diet. They are freshly made, almost to measure and are simply delicious. They can be purchased both individually or as a package purchase for the week or a group. Delivery is available Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm.


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