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11 Superfoods That Will Give You More Energy In The Morning Than Coffee

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11 Superfoods That Will Give You More Energy In The Morning Than Coffee

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No morning is complete without a cup of coffee. A long time friend that kicks you wake up out of bed-mode, coffee is the crutch many of us lean on during those rough mornings (aka every morning) where you got a fraction of the recommend amount of sleep.

One cannot deny the magical effects of coffee, though at times coffee can seem like a curse. Some java will jolt your brain into high gear, giving it a maybe not so healthy dose of caffeine, and make sure you're alert in the morning. Afterwards, though, you may get that classic caffeine crash, meaning you'll have to refuel with another cup (which can get costly on the daily) or suffer through a state of low energy.

Coffee, however, isn't the only solution to having an energized and productive mornings. Plenty of foods and liquid can give you just as much energy as coffee, and help you stay alert for longer. The internet is full of these energy-boosting breakfast edibles, and we've found 11 for you, so you don't need to rely on the harsh mistress that is coffee.

Photo cred -bionicgirrrl

1. Honey

Just because honey is sweet, delicious, and often found in desserts, it doesn't mean it won't give you tons of energy. In contrast to refined sugars, honey contains both fructose and glucose, which provide a one-two energy punch, giving you immediate energy (the glucose) and over time (the fructose). You could be hardcore and just have a spoonful of honey in the morning, or pair it up with the next entry on the list for a delicious combo.

2. Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese, out of nearly all dairy products, contains the most protein per gram, and as already described, protein gives your body a lot of energy over long periods of time, so cottage cheese is definitely a solid choice as an energizing breakfast food. A snap to prepare (just try out the picture above), cottage cheese will ease your morning rush while also giving you a substantial energy rush.

3. Eggs

Forget any smack talk you've heard about eggs over the years. Although eggs have been given a bad rap, mainly because of the amount of cholesterol they contain, many of those myths have been dispelled, making modern opinions on eggs largely positive. Not only do eggs contain vitamin A, potassium and B vitamin, they're also packing a huge protein punch, which will give you long-lasting energy throughout the day, as protein is difficult for your body to break down. Dieters and busybodies will also want to note that eggs also suppress one's appetite, making them the perfect choice for a morning meal on a day when you're running around too much to eat.

4. Water

Technically not a "food," plain old water makes this list for the many roles it plays in giving your body energy in the morning and throughout the day. Right when you wake up, your h2o levels are pretty depleted, and the quickest way to refuel is with a big glass of water. Dehydration leads to low energy levels, and water is the most hydrating substance you can consume, because, you know, it's water. Drinking water right after you wake up will boost your metabolism, refresh your body, and also help your bowels get going, which is pretty amazing in itself.

5. Whole Grain Bread

Simple, yet effective, whole grain bread is a quick source of energy in the morning that is super easy to prepare. Pop a couple slices in the toaster, smear on some butter, and you're good to go. What makes whole grain bread better for your body's amount of energy than it's normal/white cousin are the ingredients left in whole grain bread that are typically removed during the refining process, even though they're all good for you. Whole grain bread boasts more fiber from bran, extra protein, carbohydrates, and nutrient-rich wheat germ, all of which combine to make whole grain bread the superior style, at least when it comes to giving you energy.

Photo cred - .yulia

6. Greek Yogurt

So rich, creamy, and velvety, Greek yogurt is such a delicious breakfast you'll forget that it's actually "healthy." Normal yogurt is fine, but if you're going for energy efficiency, go for Greek, as it contains nearly double the amount of protein. Throw on some fruit/berries for a quick source of natural energy and the protein in the Greek yogurt will make sure you stay perky for plenty of time after.

7. Apples

Not only do apples keep the doctor away, the red, green, or yellow fruit is also a major source of energy. The inherent crunchiness or scent of apples have nothing to do with their ability to energize your body, nor are they nature's methamphetamine, three theories which are apparently a thing on the interwebs. It's actually the natural glucose in apples that will give you an energy surge. Harder to digest than refined sugars, the natural glucose in apples will wake you up and keep you alert as your body continues to process the sugars. Just make sure to not eat any apples offered to you by mysterious old crones, as it'll probably just send you into a Snow White-style slumber.

8. Chocolate Milk

You shouldn't discount chocolate milk as a healthy energy-boosting beverage just because it reminds you of your childhood. High in protein and carbohydrates, chocolate milk will give you energy right away, refuel your body, and make sure you don't crash later on. Chocolate milk is also a very good post-workout drink, providing your body everything it needs after strenuous physical activity, for any of those fit folk who enjoy a morning workout. Plain milk does all of the same stuff, just not as deliciously, so go for chocolate instead.

9. Oats/Oatmeal

Super high in fibre, oatmeal will ensure your body breaks down glucose and other energy sources at a stead rate, meaning you'll be brimming with energy throughout the day. Another boon to all that fiber is the feeling of fullness oatmeal provides, making it a natural appetite supressor and a sure-fire why to make it to lunch without feeling any hunger pangs. Don't assume oatmeal always has to be sweet in style. Get savoury with oatmeal and add a poached/fried egg on top, for a protein boost.

10. Green Smoothies

Fruit-filled smoothies aren't always the best way to get good energy in the morning, as many of the healthy benefits of such smoothies are lost when blended. Green smoothies, on the other hand, chock full of energy boosting ingredients like kale, avocado, apples, spinach, and mint, will do the trick though. The green may be off-putting, but the benefits to your body are well worth the strange colour, and green smoothies can taste great too. Try out this recipe and get green.

11. Green Tea

If you truly need some caffeine in the morning, try getting it from a healthier source, like green tea. A cup of the green stuff contains a fraction of the caffeine in coffee, but it's everything else in green tea that is the true source of energy. Not only will green tea give you a major hydration boost (tea being hot water and wall) and plenty of antioxidants, it also contains an amino acid called L-theanine, which when combined with caffeine, can improve brain functions. You won't get the quick jolt of alertness you get with coffee, instead, with green tea, you'll gain a more mellow focus that'll make your morning a bit calmer, but no less efficient.

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