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No city is perfect, and Montrealers know this well. We have roads between our potholes and the whole place can sometimes feel like a giant ashtray.

Despite these little flaws, we do live in one of the coolest cities in the world. But all too often we become desensitized to all of the things that make our city so amazing, and we end up taking a lot of those things for granted.

Here are 11 things that all Montrealers take for granted:

1. Public transit

Yes, it can be disorganized. But compared to other places in the world, it’s cheap, it’s (relatively) clean and with the sheer number of buses and metros, you can expect to get where you’re going in a reasonable amount of time.

2. The ridiculous amount of open cultural events

We’re just a classy bunch, so we just treat Free Museum Day, Just For Laughs, Nuit Blanche, and the thousand and one events in Place des Festivales like they’re a given. But they’re not. And they’re awesome.

3. The food

With the most restaurants per capita in the world, every Montrealer is able to find yummy food in their area within their price range. Fvck yes.

4. Living expenses

Considering things like student discounts, inexpensive apartments within thirty minutes of the downtown core, and lower university costs than anywhere else in North America, Montreal is a surprisingly affordable city for young people.

5. The cultural tolerance

A Jew, a Christian, and a Buddhist walk into a Montreal bar and...they sit down and enjoy a drink together. No, but really, Canada is the example of a country comprised of a cultural mosaic, and Montreal is no exception.

6. Instant Multilingualism

Learning languages is easier when you’re a kid. Thanks to sheer exposure, the vast majority of people in Montreal are at least bilingual by the time they’re in school. Can Toronto say that? No? Didn't think so.

7. The women

Yes, there are babes in every city. But whether they’re moms in t-shirts and sneakers, college girls in dresses, or grandmothers in fur coats, Montreal ladies always look put-together. The secret of it is that Montreal women don’t dress up to please others; we just know we’re gorgeous and take pride in our appearance for ourselves. And the whole city sparkles because of it.

8. The view

Let’s be real: the Montreal skyline is beautiful. Combine that with all of the greenspace and historic buildings, and you have a wonderful city to look at.

9. McGill

It’s one of the world’s best universities, recognized globally, and tuition costs are crazy cheap compared to other universities of its stature. Kind of makes the protesters look like spoiled brats… Just saying...

10. Old Montreal

It’s the closest thing to a time machine that we’ve got. Anyone in Montreal can just wander towards the Old Port and see what the city looked like hundreds of years ago. And we treat that like it’s normal.

11. All of the free stuff

Free Poutine Day? Free Museum Day? Bars that serve women for free at certain occasions? With some research and the willingness to commute, Montreal becomes a veritable treasure trove for broke college kids.

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