11 Things Every “Good Boyfriend” Needs To Know About Bath & Body Works

The luxurious mist your girlfriend can't resist!
11 Things Every “Good Boyfriend” Needs To Know About Bath & Body Works

For all those boyfriends out there who are struggling to find that perfect gift for their girlfriend, don’t worry, I got you. You honestly can’t go wrong by getting that special someone a spectacular gift from Bath & Body Works. Not only is it just your girlfriend’s favorite store, but it also holds the most luxurious scents and fragrances!

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So common guys, what are you waiting for! Stop scrolling through random websites, and stop texting her friends for ideas. Instead head out to Bath & Body Works! You will find the perfect birthday or anniversary gift that will have your girlfriend falling even more in love with you. PLUS! Boxing Day sales at Bath & Body Works are absolutely amazing right now! So you can save and make her happy! I mean let’s be honest, a happy girlfriend makes for a happy life.

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1. You Need To Know That Their Staff Is Super Helpful

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Once you walk into Bath & Body Works, you may be overwhelmed by the grandness of the store since it is filled with soaps, creams, scents, candles, and much more . But don’t freak out just yet, their staff is super helpful and they are always by your side. They give great assistance and tips on gifts to give to that special someone. If you need help with getting body kits and much more you won't be left hanging!

2. You Need To Know That They Don't Only Sell Soap And Cream

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You might think that Bath & Body Works only sells soap and cream so there's no point in going there for a full gift set for your girlfriend. But, the truth is that doesn't only sell good smelling soaps and creams! They have candles, perfumes, body sprays, shower gels, and accessories!

3. You Need To Know That Every Girl Loves Their Candle Section

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Their candle selection is literally to die for! It is absolutely amazing and your girlfriend will be happy with scent you choose to get her! Just don't be too overwhelmed since they have hundreds of different candles!

4. You Need To Know That Everything Is 75% Off RIGHT NOW

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In honor of boxing day, Bath & Body Works is offering up to 75% off EVERYTHING! Yes, you heard me! If you missed with her Christmas gift, then I suggest making up for it and spoiling her with a BUNCH of products from Bath & Body Works! You literally can't go wrong.


5. You Need To Know That They Have A Fragrance For Everyone

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With literally over hundreds of fragrance there is literally a scent for everyone! So, to all those boyfriends out there, you literally have no excuse but to go to Bath & Body Works because you will 100% find a fragrance your girlfriend will love

6. You Need To Know That They Have The Best Anniversary Gifts

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A Anniversary gift from Bath & Body Works is definitely a safe bet! A good smelling, smooth skinned girlfriend is even a gift you can both enjoy on your anniversary night!

7. You Need To Know That They Do A 100% Guarantee And Returns

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At Bath & Body Works, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If at any time you're not completely satisfied with the quality of our products, you may return them to any of our Bath & Body Works stores. In addition to our 100% Guarantee, we also honor price adjustments for full price merchandise purchased in close proximity to a promotion, sale price or special offer. A one-time price adjustment from the original selling price to the current selling price will be issued for online or in store purchases within 14 days after the date of the original purchase. And if you bought the wrong scent or soap, don't worry! They do returns! Just make sure you kept the receipt!

8. You Need To Know That You Can Get A Gift Kit

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Get their beautifully boxed gift hit that will pamper her with moisturising fragrances, beginning with the super lathering Shower Gel (10 fl oz), continuing with the hydrating Body Lotion (8 fl oz) and finishing with the nourishing Fine Fragrance Mist (8 fl oz). Sparkles and a luxe bow add the finishing touch to make gifting easy & fun!

9. You Need To Know That You Can Also Check Out Their Website

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If you don’t have the time to actually head out to one of their stores, then I suggest checking out their website. They have all the options that you can also find in the store and their website is also fairly helpful!


10. You Need To Know That You Can’t Go Wrong With A Gift Card

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Even if you feel like you haven’t found the right thing for your girlfriend, or if you are too worried to commit to something that she may not like or may be the wrong size, you honestly can’t go wrong with a VS gift card! Gift cards are always a safe option since she can ultimately choose what she wants while having a great gift sensation.

11. You Need To Know That You Can Order Online

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If you really want to surprise your girlfriend, then have her gift delivered straight to her house!

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