11 Things Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre Wants To Change In The City

What the man in charge will improve in Montreal.

Photo cred - Alex Scaner

Ever vigilant in making Montreal a better city, or at least a richer city, Denis Coderre and his administration have created 11 "goals" for Montreal; eleven different areas the city can improve on in order to increase monetary savings and efficiency.

Coderre announced his 11-point initiative yesterday, citing how other Canadian cities (like Toronto, ugh.) have enacted similar plans and saved millions.

Montreal's mayor also noted that while the 11 goals seem a little fluid/abstract, they're actually incredibly specific and do-able. Maybe you just need to know the lingo, 'cuz to the casual reader, some of these seem incredibly vague. We did our best to simplify some stuff in brackets.

Here are Coderre's 11 ways to improve Montreal:

  1. Simplifying the process of getting bid quotes (how much something is worth)

  2. Increase the number and quality of enacted capital projects (ones that maintain/improve the city)

  3. Optimizing the management of revenues and payments

  4. Simplifying the decision-making process (in municipal endeavors, we assume)

  5. Implementing activity-based management (process of finding areas of a company/city that lose money and improving/eliminating them)

  6. Reducing the number of occupational diseases and accidents at work

  7. Increase the productivity of rolling stock (railroad-related stuff) and service workshops

  8. Improving the city's procurement processes (selecting suppliers/buying goods) and building maintenance

  9. Increased efficiency of waste management

  10. Rationalizing inventories (shedding off the unneeded)

  11. Optimizing snow removal (PLEASE)

Do you agree with Coderre's plan?

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