11 Things Montrealers Believe Are Cold Hard Truths That The Average Person Refuses To Accept

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Often times, the world looks at Montreal and sees a city brimming with international festivals, effervescent nightlife, gourmet food, and all-round cool vibe. While all of those things are undoubtedly true, there's also many things that lie beneath the surface. Cold, hard truths that Montrealers have invariably accept as common knowledge, but that the average person, whether by pure ignorance or simple denial, might refuse to accept. The fact is, if you've spent any amount of time in Montreal, the following things, while possibly hard to digest, are just the realities of living in this city.

1. Hockey is an official religion

2. Very few Montrealers follow the Montreal Alouettes, and even fewer care about the Impact

- And if you are one of the few that actually does care, let's be honest, you're just there for the cheerleaders.

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3. Montreal winters are literally the worst. Literally.

4. Sovereignty will always be a touchy subject

5. No one knows what True North actually is

6. The Underground City is not as cool as it sounds

7. -40C in February is a real thing and will push you to the edge of insanity

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8. Our infrastructure ain't so hot

9. Crescent Street does not hold the same appeal it once did

10. Graffiti is a legitimate form of art and it beautifies the city

11. The maximum speed limit on the highway is really the minimum.

*Bonus - The Expos will one day return to Montreal

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