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11 Things Pretty Girls Can Get Away With In Montreal

Sorry not sorry.
11 Things Pretty Girls Can Get Away With In Montreal

Are you a woman in Montreal? Then congrats. You're officially gorgeous.

Beauty comes in all shapes, shades, and sizes, and the fact that Montreal's got such an awesome mix of different people pretty much cements every Montrealer's status as highkey gorg. So go ahead and rock your beautiful life, and get away with the following things in Montreal.

1. Crowding in front of the blue wall at Diperie to get the perfect Snapchat pic

A photo posted by Coline Ponticq (@colineponticq) on

Out the way, everyone. We've got to take some cute pics in front of the turquoise wall before all this tasty ice cream melts.

2. Cutting the line at $2 Chow

A photo posted by steph (@stephderamo) on

When you're drunk and hungry, you've got 0 time to wait for $2 peanut butter noodles.

3. Husslin' your way to the front of the crowded metro platform

A photo posted by M U S S I N G A (@rebraconte) on

Okay, it's a little shitty to worm your way to the front of a super crowded metro platform - especially if you've gotten there with one minute before the metro's set to arrive, essentially giving the middle finger to anyone who got there before you. But you've got things to do. You've got places to be. Time is money. I get you, friend. I get you.

4. Pretending to be a Habs fan

A photo posted by Murphy.Habs 2016-2017! (@chris_mtl24) on

True, Montreal is full of legit Habs fans. But some people don't actually feel the love; some people just straight-up fake it. Don't worry if you do, though. You'll only get called out on it if you unintentionally say something nice about the Bruins.

5. Creeping a free slice of pizza after clubbing on St. Laurent street

A photo posted by Minh-Thy Stephanie Nguyen (@mintsteph) on

Wasted all your money on drinks? Still need to satisfy that late-night drunk food crave? Don't sweat it. Someone in your squad will have your back for sure.

6. Flooding your Instagram feed with pictures of Tommy Cafe

A photo posted by Kristina K (@kriistina.k) on

Although I don't blame anyone for posting hundreds of IG pics of their Tommy adventure. That place is highkey amazing, it's all good if you want to show off your good taste in coffee spots.

7. Stumbling through Old Montreal, totally shwasted

A photo posted by Sarah Duran (@sarahduran) on

Yes, people work in the area. Yes, there are tourists trying to take pictures of the water fountain in front of BMO. No, that's not stopping you from stumbling out of Terrasse Place D’Armes a little too day drunk and enjoying ya life.

8. Getting into Apt. 200 with 0 wait time

A photo posted by Sharlie Salvail (@sharliesalvail) on

If there are drinks to be drunk, and turnt to be upped, then ain't nobody got time for the lineup at Apt. 200.

9. Getting 90% of your clothes from Zara

A photo posted by laura isobella gentile (@lauisogentile) on

Or Aritzia. Either way, the clothes are trendy, popular, and good quality. So what if you've seen, like, five girls with the same exact shirt as you?

10. Consuming way too many calories while hungover and somehow still looking top

A photo posted by @bellgoulem on

Too hungover to move, but somehow not too hungover to crawl our way to Banquise for a large T-Rex poutine with extra bacon. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

11. Wearing (and rocking) legit anything you want

A photo posted by Patricia (@softandchic) on

Oversized T-Shirt and denim shorts? Super figure-hugging dress? Stilettos? Flip-flops? It is all good, friend. You can pull off whatever, and will probably inspire a trend if you toss something on that's truly off-the-cuff.

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