For the last few days the news has been dominated by Quebec's now infamous face veil ban.

This week, Quebec voted on Bill 62 which bans people from using public transportation while their faces are covered.

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But let's be honest when it comes to things that should be banned from the STM, are veils really something you would include?

I'm sure that if you think about it for a minute, you'll find there are a ton of things things that should be banned from the STM bus and metro:

1. People Who Make Eye Contact

Other humans?! AAAAAH! Looks like I'm getting off at the next stop and walking the rest of the way.

2. People With McDonald's

Dammit now that I smell McDonald's I want McDonald's!

3. People Who Don't Shower

I can actually see the cartoon stink lines coming off you.

4. People Who Invade Your Personal Bubble

Did your leg seriously just graze mine? This means war.

5. Kids

Especially the ones who ask non-stop questions to their parents.

6. People Who Listen To Music Too Loud

Seriously, what's the point of having earphones if i can hear what you're listening to?

7. People Who Stand In Front Of The Door When You're Trying To Get Out

Move. The Fuck. Back.

8. People Who Eat On the Bus

Can you seriously not wait until you get home to eat that tuna sandwich? (Even worse, the people who leave their trash on the bus once they're done eating)

9. People Who Do This:

10. Bus Drivers Who Sing

No one is that happy at 6:00 am, he must be drunk.

11. People Who Take Up Two Seats

You backpack looks really comfortable.