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11 Things To Do On A First Date This Spring In Montreal

Love is in the air again.
11 Things To Do On A First Date This Spring In Montreal

Photo Cred - Local Montreal Tours

It’s officially spring here in Montreal, and the weather is finally starting to reflect that. While this means many different things for many different people, we're thinking about just one thing over here, and that's dates.

Thankfully, the warmer weather gives us so many more options when it comes to impressing that special someone in Montreal. So, to help you sweep your lucky lad or lady off their feet, we've come up with 11 awesome places that you can take them this spring.

1. Spend some time in a park

For a big city, Montreal has plenty of amazing parks, and they'd make the perfect setting for your next date. You can be super cute and go for a picnic, just take a walk, or, starting May 3rd, check out the Tam-Tams in Mount Royal Park for something with a bit of a musical infusion.

2. Go biking

So, you and your date are into being a little more active? Then having a bike date might be right up your alley. You can rent a Bixi and take yourselves on your own tour around the city, or if you’re not sure where to go, there are plenty of organized bike tours in Montreal. You can find two of them here and here.

3. Check out the farmers markets

Springtime means the return of outdoor markets throughout the city which, while fun to go to on your own, can also make for a pretty cute date. You can go around and check out the different seasonal foods and flowers that are for sale, and if you want to make this a full day date, you two could buy the ingredients for a delicious meal and then head home and cook together.

4. Butterflies Go Free

As long as you or your date don’t have an extreme phobia of butterflies, this can make for a really cool and unique date experience. The annual exhibit at the Botanical Gardens is back and bringing with it thousands of colourful butterflies, that you can go into the greenhouse and surround yourselves with. While you’re there you can check out the rest of the gardens and go for a picnic or grab lunch at the café.

Photo Cred - Doug

5. Enjoy the terraces

Quite arguably one of the best things about Montreal in the springtime is the opening of all the terraces and patios at the restaurants and bars throughout the city. Nothing beats being able to sit out in the sun, have a drink and maybe even some delicious food - so why not make it a date?

Photo Cred -Local Montreal Tours

6. Restaurant Day

May 16th is Restaurant Day in Montreal, which means anyone, anywhere can set up a restaurant for the day, and register it with the Restaurant Day website. While running one of these restaurants might not make such a fun date, you can easily go around to all of the ones that have been set up and try the different foods. What’s even better is that the prices are usually very cheap.

7. Piknic Electronik

Piknic Electonik is back this May and is the perfect opportunity for you and your date to take in the warmer weather, and some amazing electronic music, in one of Montreal’s coolest parks. It’s running every weekend in Parc Jean-Drapeau, from May 17th and all throughout the summer.

8. Vue sur la Relève

If you want to impress your date by filling your time together with arts and culture, Vue Sur la Relève is the place for you. It features music, dance, and theatre, created by up and coming professional french-speaking artists, and is running from April 7th -18th at Théâtre Plaza.

9. Montreal Comic Arts Fest

So you have a date that’s into comics and graphic novels? Show them that you care about their interests by taking them to the Montreal Comic Arts Festival, running this May from the 29th to 31st. You can meet cartoonists, attend talks, and go to live drawing sessions, and the best part: it’s all free!

Photo Cred - Eric Dupuis

10. La Ronde

For a date with a little more thrill to it, you can spend the day at La Ronde, riding coasters, playing carni games, and most importantly, sharing all of the amusement park food that you know is horrible for you but you can’t stop buying anyway. The park opens May 16th so be sure you make your way over there before it gets to busy to ensure the optimal date experience.

11. Food Trucks

If you want to make your date food centric but don’t want to do the same-old boring dinner date, then hit up one of Montreal’s awesome food trucks, grab some food, and enjoy it in the outdoors. Now before you start to shake your head at the thought of subjecting your date to lowly food truck fare, let me tell you, Montreal has unbelievable food trucks serving up some of the best food in the city. It’s definitely a great option if you want to impress your date with some out of the box thinking.

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