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11 Unique Late Night Date Ideas In Montreal

For the night owls around.
11 Unique Late Night Date Ideas In Montreal

Life can be a little rough when you're a night owl. Aside from the whole lack of sunlight thing that tends to happen in the winter, you're also plagued with far less options when it comes to going out, since most things are closed by the time you're ready to start your "day" (more like night, ammiright?)

Being well-acquainted with a few such people myself, I understand the plight even if I'm not quite nocturnal myself.

Things are even worse if you're in a night owl couple or looking to go on a date with someone who prefers the later parts of the eve as all the typical date ideas are kind of out the window if you're looking to do something after midnight.

Yes, you could just go to a bar, but a busy bar at midnight is far from an intimate date-night setting. Instead, check out some of these late night date ideas, all of which are great options well after midnight, or later.

Don Your Skates For Some After Dark Skating

About a week ago, when walking through Parc La Fontaine on my way to my man's place, I spotted a couple skating on the frozen lake. It was a little past midnight, they were completely alone on the ice, and it looked like the most romantic thing ever.

Imagine it: gliding on the ice, stars in the sky, just enough light to illuminate the night which is brightened by the fallen snow. And all alone on the ice, you and your SO are free to indulge in some PDA without feeling awkward.

Granted, there are some inherent safety risks with going for a midnight skate, and we wouldn't necessarily recommend it at most skating spots right now given the mild temperatures. But if the thermometers drop enough and you're willing to be a tad bit daring, a post-midnight skate can be incredibly romantic.

A Midnight Stroll Up Mount Royal

Obviously better suited for the warmer months, when you can bring along a bottle of wine and have a cute picnic beneath the cross, a late-night walk up Mount Royal isn't a bad winter date idea, either. Yes, it'll be colder and you can't relax on the grass, but it's a dynamic adventure nonetheless.

Walking tends to breed conversation, too, so if you're looking for a way to get to know your date that doesn't involve just sitting down and blankly staring around, this is a solid bet. Plus, you'll be walking towards an incredibly romantic view of the city, the perfect moment for a magical kiss under the night sky.

Go Late Night Gaming at Amusement 2000 Plus

1381 Sainte Catherine

The later you head to Amusement 2000 Plus (open 'til 3am weekdays, 4:30am Friday & Saturday) the better. Why? Well, that way you ensure there won't be any annoying kids around and you and your date will have free reign over all the games.

Not just for gaming couples, there are plenty of arcade attraction to check out at Amusement 2000, from DDR to Guitar Hero to skee ball. Get a few token, partake in some two-player games, and spend some time getting to know each other while shooting robots in the face.


Eat A Deliciously Comforting Late Night Meal At Nouveaus Palais

281 Bernard

Okay, so I know I said I'd refrain from putting bars on the list, but Nouveaus Palais deserves a spot not so much for its drink menu, but more for its late-night menu, which is straight up delicious.

Served almost until close (3am) Thursday to Saturday, Nouveau Palais's midnight menu includes cheese fries, pierogies, and cheeseburgers, all of which are deliciously comforting. So if you and your date are more into really late dinners, NP is the spot.


Or Go A Little Fancier At Leméac

1045 Laurier W

Now, if burgers and pierogies aren't your thing (which confuses me, but hey, maybe you're ritzy like that) then French restaurant Leméac is another solid late night meal spot.

Offering a range of delectable French dishes (beef tartare, duck leg confit, grilled calamari, to name a few) to any guests who arrive after 10pm, Leméac is definitely the restaurant to head to if you want to wine and dine your date a little later in the night.


Have A 2am Coffee Date At Caffe San Simeon

The coffee date is a classic (if not the classic) date idea, and for good reason. It's not intimidating, prompts conversation, and there's a coffee to sip on when you run out of things to say. Night owls, unfortunately, don't usually get to partake in the coffee date, given that most cafes aren't open too late.

Caffe San Simeon breaks that mould. Open until 3am every single day of the week, Caffe San Simeon gives all you late-night people the chance to get close over a cup of java, or tea, or whatever hot beverage you like.

There are, of course, many 24hr cafes you could check out too, though many tend to be a little depressing (students desperately studying) or mildly sketchy (waste-cases looking to sober up).


Watch A Midnight Screening At Dollar Cinema

Technically, Dollar Cinema is something of a misnomer, as the movie prices are actually $2.50, but that's still super cheap compared to other theatres.

Even better, Dollar Cinema regularly holds late night movie screenings (11:30pm is the general time) giving you and your date the chance to enjoy a cheap flick at a time that fits your night owl schedule.

Note, though, that Dollar Cinema tends to screen movies that have been out for a while, not recent releases. Still, it makes for a better date night than just downloading a movie and watching it at home.


Feel Like A Kid At Luminotherapie

Places des festivals

Get on this date idea ASAP, because after this weekend, the magical light-up seesaws in Place des festivals will be no more.

You could head to Luminotherapie at any time of day, but the illuminated playground is far more fun to check out under the cover of darkness. And the later the better, to ensure no one else is around to see you and your date let loose like kids.


Laugh It Up At A Late Night Comedy Show

Nothing makes people more comfortable and relaxed like a good laugh. But everyone isn't exactly laugh-out-loud funny, so why not let the pros handle it at a comedy show?

Both the Comedy Nest and Comedy Works hold 10:30pm performances, which is arguably on the sorta-early side in a late night date context, but it does set up the rest of the evening perfectly.

See a show, have some laughs, and once everything is done a bit after midnight both you and your date will be energized and giddy from the lolz (and mayber a few beers) to continue having more fun well into the night.

Facebook (Comedy Nest)

Have A 1am Board Game Night Out Of The House At Randolph's

Couples who love board games, love board games, meaning they're totally okay with spending a night in and just gaming together or with a few friends.

That's totally cute and adorable, but after a while, constant board game nights at home can make you go a little stir crazy. So rather than just be hermits, take your board game night out of the house and head to Randolph's.

Open 'til 2am on weekends (1am the rest of the week) and stacked with every single board game you could ever imagine, Randolph's is fully prepped to host your intimate board game night. Add in their fully-stocked bar (and RPG-themed cocktails) and you have the ideal date idea for board gaming couples.


Do Any And Everything At Nuit Blanche


On one night of the year, everyone in Montreal goes completely nocturnal for Nuit Blanche, the all-night art festival that takes over the city in late February.

A part of the larger Montreal en Lumière festival, Nuit Blanche will be held on Saturday, Febuary 27th this year, with things going on literally everywhere in the city.

An official lineup of events hasn't been posted yet, but you can usually expect a plethora of art on display in the underground city along with tons of activation in bars and popular venues. And with the metro running all night, it isn't hard to do get around the city and party all night on Nuit Blanche.

But a little pointer for folks who aren't Nuit Blanche veterans: don't think you can simply party-hop to different events. Popular venues will definitely have a lineup, and rather than just continually walk around in the cold, it's best to just stick it out with one lineup into a venue/event you really want to go to.

Or just wander around checking out all the free art stuff all night, it's up to you and your date.


BONUS: La Banquise, Because Poutine

994 Rachel E

It's open all night, so no matter how late you and your date are out or what you did before, you can always end the evening with a delicious poutine. Uncreative for a date idea, yes, but that doesn't make La Banquise any less delicious.


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