12 All-New Restaurants Opening In Montreal This December 2016

Places for you to try during the holidays.
12 All-New Restaurants Opening In Montreal This December 2016

Alright, guys, we've officially made it to December! I know, it's crazy, it feels like Januaray 2016 was literally yesterday.

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The year has been a little crazy for some of us, but at least Montreal's restaurant scene continues to be lit AF. Tons of awesome spots have opened up this year, and here are just a few that have opened up this month in December and that are totally worth checking out.

1. Bord'Elle

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390 Rue Saint-Jacques

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times: Bord'Elle is probably one of my new favourite spots in the whole city. This Gatsby-themed bar and eatery is perfect for throwing a party, or for just experiencing something super fun, unique, and straight-up mindblowing in the city.


2. Kampai Garden

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1628 Rue Sainte-Catherine O

Have you guys heard about Kampai Garden yet? Chances are you have, and for good reason: this spot is amazing. Not only is it beautiful inside, but it's huge, too, meaning there's a section for literally everything. Feel like eating some amazing dinner? Feel like shooting pool? Feel like getting wild with a pitcher of cocktails? They got your back, friends.


3. LOV

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464 Rue McGill

A totally organic, 90% vegan restaurant that focuses on local produce, LOV is every single clean eater's dream come true. Plus, the space is seriously gorgeous, and makes for one perfect first date spot, TBH.


4. Vegano

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432 Rue Rachel E

A vegan Italian restaurant? Yes, friends, you read that right. Not only does Vegano serve up totally vegan dishes (including brunch!) but they're also re-upping the way we look at Italian food. Creamy vegan risotto? Count me TF in.


5. Etoile Rouge

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6707 Boul St-Laurent

Those of you who know me know I'm totally in love with dumplings, and with going to Little Italy. Which is why I love this place so much: a delicious dumpling spot located right in Little Italy. Granted, this spot didn't just open up in December, but it's totally worth checking out this month once the temperature drops!


6. Bird Bar

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1800 Rue Notre-Dame O

I never thought I'd see refined fried chicken, but here it is. Le Bird Bar, located in Griffintown, manages to take fried chicken to a whole, brand new level of awesome. They've got things like oysters with popcorn chicken inside (yum!), chicken and waffles, and much, much more.


7. Koa Lua

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1446 Rue Sainte-Catherine O

Granted, the Union location of this seriously legit poke house has been open for about a month. But their Sainte-Catherine location only just opened up, and you can expect all the incredibly delicious poke, super chill Hawaiian vibes, and straight-up awesomeness of their OG location.


8. La Tequilera

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1175A Rue Crescent

A Mexican spot right on Crescent street serving up all kinds of Mexican food (urban, classic, and tex-mex included), La Tequilera is a seriously welcome addition to downtown Montreal's food scene.


9. Olive & Citron

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5508 Av de Monkland

This NDG Greek restaurant opened late November, and is definitely worth checking out when the weather gets too cold and you're craving a (seriously delicious) taste of Greece.


10. Ramen Plaza

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806 Avenue Atwater

Okay, sure, this ramen spot did technically open up a couple of months ago. But there's no better time to check out this brand new ramen restaurant than right now, in December, when the weather's getting colder and the only thing on your mind is warming TF up with one seriously mindblowing bowl of soup.


11. L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon

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1 Avenue Du Casino

I think I've been anticipating this spot for literal decades, and now that it's finally open, I can only scream in excitement. Famous chef Joel Robuchon finally opens up his Atelier here in Montreal's casino, and honestly, I think we all need to get ourselves there ASAP.


12. Libertine Bakehouse

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806 Avenue Atwater

Not quite a restaurant, Libertine Bakehouse is a brand new bakery in St. Henri. Still, you guys absolutely have to check it out, as the spearhead behind this spot is known for his incredibly delicious baked goods.


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