12 Cheap Vacation Destinations You Can Book For The Holidays

You deserve to yourself to one of these.
12 Cheap Vacation Destinations You Can Book For The Holidays

When you take a look around Montreal right now everything is pretty gloomy.

The weather sucks, the pretty leaves are gone, the snow is about fall, and the world might come to an end depending on the results of the election tonight.

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There's just no better time to get the fuck out of here.

Luckily, there are a ton of cheap flight under $500 available this month!

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San Jose Del Cabo



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Air Transat Has Black Friday Flights Down South For Under $300 Until Sunday

On the list for less than $300: New Orleans and Fort Lauderdale, among others.

The weather in Montreal is getting colder and snow storms are on the horizon. But luckily, there are some Black Friday travel deals you can take advantage of with Air Transat.

According to their website, Air Transat is offering discount flight deals for less than $300. There's also a number of tropical beach locations you can get to for as little as $441 and European cities you can get lost in for as little as $650. But it's important to note that these Black Friday deals end November 28.

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It seems as though half of Montreal decided that summer 2021 was the time to explore Canada's Prairies — and they weren't wrong! Right now, Air Transat is having some amazing deals on Montreal to Calgary round-trip flights.

By amazing, we mean that some round-trip flights are under $350. And if you've ever flown across Canada before, you know that's one heck of a deal.

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Some of us just weren't meant for the fall season. 

You never know what to wear, you wake up freezing and go home sweating, and sunny days seem few and far between.

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Summer is nearly over and it seems to be breaking everyone's heart. 

But summer doesn't necessarily have to end for you. Once the season ends in Montreal, you can simply chase the summer weather wherever it may be. And it won't even cost you that much money.

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