12 Cheapest Places To Travel In Canada If You Have 5 Days, 10 Days Or A Month Off

From sea to sea.
12 Cheapest Places To Travel In Canada If You Have 5 Days, 10 Days Or A Month Off

I think most of us know how lucky we are to live in Canada right now. With all of the things going on in the rest of the world it's good to sit back and admire all of the things that make this country so amazing. 

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The nature in this country is probably the #1 reason Canada beats out almost all other countries. If you go up north you'll find giant glaciers, mountains and polar bears. If you go out east you'll find coast lines like you've never see before. If you go out west you'll find beautiful beaches, stunning lakes and breathtaking national parks.

If you have some vacation time saved up, this is the perfect time to explore what our country has to offer if you never had the chance before. 

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1. Muskoka Lakes  

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Distance From Montreal: 7 hours

Muskoka is one of my favourite places to escape in the summertime. It's home to tons of big lakes and small lakes, with quaint towns in between. There's a reason there's a chair named after this place, the Muskoka chairs, because you'll be so relaxed here you won't want to leave.

Rent a cottage with your friends and spend your weekend canoeing, boating, roasting marshmallows on the campfire and swimming the days away!

2. Quebec City 

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Distance From Montreal: 2 hours 48 mins

Being from Montreal, you've probably already been to Quebec City. But if you haven't it's definitely something everyone should experience at least once. It's colonial core is what attracts most people to this city. With cobble stone streets, the towering Chateau Frontenac Hotel, and cathedrals to explore this is the perfect destination for a quick 5-day trip.

3. Toronto, Ontario 

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Distance From Montreal: 5 hours 25 mins

Chances are you've already been to Toronto, but it still deserves a spot on this list because it's Canada's largest, most bustling city. If you've already been you probably didn't get to see all the things you set out to because this city is just so large and expansive. But you should definitely go back and make a list because even with 5 whole days you'll feel crunched for time!

4. Niagra Falls 

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Distance From Montreal: 6 hours 39 minutes

Niagra Falls is one of the seven natural wonders of the world and it's pretty obvious why. These are the largest waterfalls you'll ever see and they're right here in our own country! Ride the maid of the mist to get the full experience, or hop over to the American side to see it from a new angle. Either way you'll love this quick vacation.

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1. Magdalen Islands 

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Distance From Montreal: 19 hours 20 mins

Can you even believe that these islands are actually part of Quebec? I couldn't when I first found out. It's just off the coast of Prince Edward Islands but they below to the province of Quebec. This small archipelago is the perfect place to travel if you love the outdoors. Bring your camping gear and camp out on the expansive beaches, kayak or canoe on the ocean, and enjoy the breathtaking scenery!

2. Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

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Distance From Montreal: 14 hours 29 mins

The East coast is the perfect place to travel if you only have 10 days because if you really wanted to you could make it a road trip. If you're planning a vacation to Cape Breton Islands you should definitely hike cabot trail, explore Cape Breton Highlands National Park, or go on a whale watching tour!

3. Prince Edward Island 

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Another East coast destination, PEI has a whole lot to offer in you in a 10 day trip. Check out some of their amazing beaches like Basin Head Provincial Park, Red Point Provincial Park and Cavendish Beach while you're there. Explore the quaint seaside towns of Victoria, Georgetown and Northport as well!

4. Halifax, Nova Scotia 

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Distance From Montreal: 12 hours 17 mins

One of the coolest cities in the Maritimes, Halifax is a great place to go for your 10 day vacation this summer. Check out the classic Peggy's Cove to see the lighthouse against the sea, Fisherman's Cove for fresh seafood, and so many more outdoor activities.

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1. British Colombia 

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Distance From Montreal: 47 hours

Cheapest Flight From Montreal: $497

British Colombia is a must-see place for every Canadian. Although it can be pretty expensive for us east-coasters/central Canadians it's still worth the trek out there, especially if you have an entire month to travel. They have so many amazing national parks to explore like Great Bear Rainforest to see the the mystical spirit bears, Yoho National Park to canoe on the emerald green lakes, and the Gwaii Haanas National Park to see the archeological ruins.

2. Alberta 

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Distance From Montreal: 41 hours

Cheapest Flight From Montreal: $466

Alberta is another west-coast gem. Filled with sprawling mountains and bright blue lakes what else could you ask for on a month-long vacation? You have to visit Jasper National Park for amazing hiking and wildlife watching, the classic Moraine Lake with bright blue waters, and beautiful Banff.

3. Newfoundland and Labrador

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Distance From Montreal: 27 hours

Cheapest Flight From Montreal: $386

The most amazing thing about Newfoundland and Labrador is their oceanside national parks and quaint towns. You must visit Gros Morne National Park for fjords and hiking, Torngat Mountains National Park to see polar bears and mountainside hiking, and you can visit St. Johns for colourful houses.

4. Yukon Territory 

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Distance From Montreal: 61 hours

Cheapest Flight From Montreal: $731

The Yukon is definitely an underrated part of Canada. If you have a month off it's totally worth it to take a road trip around and even go up to Alaska afterwards. You should explore Kluane National Park, Miles Canyon Basalts, Dawson City while you're there!