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12 Cheapest Places To Travel In New York If You Have 5 Days, 10 Days Or A Month Off

Don't stop exploring.
12 Cheapest Places To Travel In New York If You Have 5 Days, 10 Days Or A Month Off

New York has so much to offer, and it's really not that far from Montreal at all. Not only is New York City one of the biggest most exciting cities in the world, the rest of the state actually has some unbelievable sites as well. 

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If you've ever thought about what the rest of New York might have going on, then you're in for a treat! So whether you have 5 days off, 10 days off or an entire month off, there's something for everyone to enjoy this summer in the state of New York!

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1. Adirondack Forest

via @adirondacklifemagazine

Distance From Montreal: 2 hours 30 mins

Located in the Adirondacks Forest on Tupper Lake, is a magical place called The Wild Center. They've set up a trail across the treetops of the forest equipped with speakers playing music, a chance to see rare animals in the park, stairwells within tree trunks, and a spider's web net so you can be suspended above the forest floor!

2. Watkins Glen 

via @buffaloproud

Distance From Montreal: 5 hours 37 mins

This magical state park located in New York is one you definitely shouldn't miss. This park is filled with hidden gems along the hiking trails like flowing waterfalls, secret underground caves and sparkling streams!

3. Skaneateles Lake

via @alexacamp

Distance From Montreal: 4 hours 43 mins

This lake located in Skaneateles, New York looks like the water in Caribbean, it's so clear and turquoise. It's almost impossible to believe it's a lake! This waterfront town is filled with cute shops, restaurants and places for tourists to explore and stay a while.

4. Shelving Rock Falls 

via @summitclothingcompany

Distance From Montreal: 3 hours 22 mins

This secluded spot is perfect if you're looking to chase some waterfalls this summer. Hike from the road into the middle of the forest to find this secluded spot for a refreshing dip and if you want to continue hiking down the path you'll run into Lake George!

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1. Woodstock

via @leggomyeglow

Distance From Montreal: 4 hours 24 mins

Woodstock is full of cool and hip things for visitors to enjoy. Enjoy their main strip Tinker Street full of shops selling classic Woodstock-y things like tie dye shirts, and galleries filled with art and pottery. You can also find hiking trails up to Plateau Mountain for breathtaking views of the lush green forest below!

2. Ausable Chasm

via @laurao4o2

Distance From Montreal: 1 hour 26 mins

One of the coolest natural lazy river's is less than 2 hours away from Montreal! Float down the refreshing water in a big floaty raft with your friends and family and enjoy the nature surrounding you. You can also hike through the surrounding woods!

3. Bannerman Island

via @gypsy_adventure_travel

Distance From Montreal: 5 hours

Bannerman Island is a tiny island located on New York's Hudson River and is home to the ruins of Bannerman Castle. The castle was built in 1901 to store ammunition, but experienced an unfortunate explosion in 1918 causing the damage to the castle. Now, this island is available for kayak tours and walking tours of the grounds!

4. Oneida Lake 

via @link_yaco

Distance From Montreal: 4 hours 13 mins

If you're looking for the ultimate cottage weekend escape, this lake is the one to visit. You can go camping at Verona Beach State Park, go kayaking or boating on the clear blue waters, or bring your family to Sylvan Beach Amusement Park!

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1. New York City

via @nyc_insta_

Distance From Montreal: 6 hours

I bet you were all wondering when NYC would pop up on this list, well here it is! If you're going to NYC you've definitely got to give yourself a month to explore it because there's just so much to see. The city is sprawling and it's packed full with amazing museums, restaurants, music and activities!

2. Lake Placid 

via @easternmntnsports

Distance From Montreal: 2 hours 6 mins

Located in the Adirondacks, Lake Placid is a dream come true for nature lovers. The water is peaceful and clear, there's tons of activities to indulge in like hiking, paddling, mountain biking, and white water rafting!

3. Syracuse 

via @sanchemou

Distance From Montreal: 4 hours 8 mins

Syracuse, New York has tons to offer visitors. There's clear blue lakes with hidden waterfalls, the city is full of great restaurants and music venues, and you can go on a wine-tasting tour!

4. Finger Lakes 

via @finger_lakes

Distance From Montreal: 5 hours 5 mins

This area of New York gets its name from the multiple long thin lakes, looking like fingers. This area is filled with cute vineyards to go on wine-tasting tours. They also have museums, farmers markets, zipling, hiking trips and tons of scenic areas to explore!

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