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12 Fun Montreal Bars To Go To With Your BFF

Have the best time ever.

Having a best friend is awesome. It means having someone to talk to about everything; someone to do things with; someone to support you. And, most of all, someone to have tons of fun with. And thankfully for all the best friends out there, Montreal has no shortage of awesome places to have fun with your BFF

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1. Somwhr Liquor Lounge

401 Rue Notre-Dame O

Alright, friends, what are you looking for? Are you looking for nothing but a pure, fun night? Because if you are, then you can go ahead and stop looking. Somwhr's here to save the day.

This popular speakeasy boasts a vibe that eriously cannot be beat. It's super trendy and modern, and if you and your BF are super social, then you're going to love it here: Somwhr tends to get kind of packed towards the end of the night - which is awesome, because the more the merrier!


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2. Mayfair

451 Rue Rachel E

Are you and your BFF into all things vintage? Then you guys are going to fall in love with Mayfair. With a vintage, elegant atmosphere, Mayfair kind of makes you feel like you're having tea with the Queen.

Except that by having tea, I mean getting turnt. And by tea, I mean liquor. Not just any liquor, though. Mayfair boasts a wide variety of super original and delicious cocktails. So you and your BFF can drink classy drinks in a classy place, and have one awesome night.


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3. Le Mal Necessaire

1106 B Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Pineapples, anyone? Le Mal Necessaire is located right in Montreal's Chinatown, and has a super fun, cozy, and intimate vibe.

One of the best things about this spot, though, is their drinks. They serve up some seriously delicious cocktails, for super fair prices, in pineapples. That's right, friends. Can you think of something more adorable than that? I sure can't.


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4. Uber Cafbar

1011 Rue Fleury E

This spot is located in Ahuntsic, so it might be a little bit of a trek for some of us. But trust me when I say that it's totally worth the trek.

Uber Cafbar has a seriously casual, friendly vibe, making it the perfect spot for you and your BFF to grab some drinks after a long week. But don't let its chilled-out vibe fool you - Uber is pretty much the best place to be if you want to have one awesome, fun BFF night.


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5. Le 4e Mur

If there was such a thing as perfection, Le 4e Mur would be it. Why? Well, I'm glad you asked.

First of all, the location to this bar? Totally secret. You have to subscribe to their website to find out where this place is, and once you do find it - well, I won't give anything away, but there's a whole method to getting into the place.

Once you do, though, Le 4e Mur is one of the most fun places you could possibly bring your BFF to. Not only does this spot have an awesome, vibrant atmosphere, and a fantastically vintage vibe, but the drinks here are out of this world amazing.


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6. Bar Sans Nom

5295 Av du Parc

AKA Emerald. This spot is pretty much the definition of cool. With a super chilled and laid-back environment, Bar Sans Nom is the perfect spot for a boozy BFF hangout.

Plus, bonus points for their seriously spot-on decor. It's a mix of eclectic and chique, and makes you instantly feel like you're having in some super vintage, oldschool film. Awesome? You know it.


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7. Biiru

1433 Rue City Councillors

Okay, where do I even begin with this spot? Biiru is not only a fantastic place to grab some delicious Japanese dishes, but it's also one of the best spots in Montreal to treat your BFF to some drinks.

And, trust, their drinks are seriously amazing. My personal fave is their Daruma, with cherry puree, lime, and sake, but honestly, all of their drinks combine awesome flavours - and even better liquor - for one awesome drinking experience.


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8. Kabinet

92 Avenue Laurier O

A small and cozy bar located in the Plateau, Kabinet is the perfect place to take your BFF if you guys are in the mood for some serious fun.

Although it's calmer and more intimate than most spots on this list, Kabinet does an awesome job of retaining an incredibly fun atmosphere. And if you and your BFF want to invite some other friends along, too? Well, you know you're in for an extra awesome time.


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9. Cloakroom

2175 Rue de la Montagne

Cloakroom is hidden in a shop in downtown Montreal, meaning that half the fun of this place is actually finding the place.

The rest of the fun lies in the spot itself, though. Despite being hidden, people tend to find it just fine. The vibe here is upscale yet vibrant, which makes for one seriously awesome BFF hangout spot. Honestly, I could go on forever about this spot - but just trust me, you need to get here ASAP.


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10. Balsam Inn

1237 Rue Metcalfe

If your fave thing to do with your BFF is drink (0 judgement if it is, friends), then you're going to want to check out Balsam Inn.

Not only do they offer an incredibly extensive alcohol list - meaning that no matter what you and your BFF like drinking, there's going to be something for you guys - but their cocktails are seriously out of this world delicious. A selection of their on point libations? Their Cynar Cup, featuring rye, soda, soda, and lemon juice.


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11. La Champagnerie

343 Rue Saint Paul E

Champagne is one of my absolute favourite things for me and my BFF to drink. And if you guys are fans of the bubbly as well, then you're going to love La Champagnerie.

A champagne bar, Champagnerie focuses on serving the world's greatest drink, in a seriously trendy and upscale environment. If you've got something to toast to - like one seriously awesome BFFriendship - then you know exactly where to go, friends.


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12. Le Red Tiger

Le Red Tiger

Honestly, Le Red Tiger is top. Their Vietnamese street food is honestly out of this world, and their drinks are super unique and super amazing.

It's their vibe that makes them the perfect place for you and your BFF, though. Vibrant, lively, and amazingly fun, Red Tiger is an awesome place for anyone to unwind after a long week - as long as they prepare for one seriously good time.


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