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12 Great Spots You Should Take Your Date To In Montreal If They Love To Dance

You'll have them spinning with excitement.
12 Great Spots You Should Take Your Date To In Montreal If They Love To Dance

Why not dance the night away with your date! Taking your date dancing is not only a great way to have fun and laugh, but it's also a great way to get closer to that special someone. Montreal is actually a dancing city! If you haven't noticed, any event that you go it in Montreal, people are dancing!

In Montreal, you can go dancing in clubs or at just about any festival! If you have a date in mind that loves to dance, I suggest some of theses ideas that I have in store for you. I guarantee that you and your date will have a great time and an absolute blast!

So put on your dancing shoes and grab your date by the hand for a wild summer day in Montreal! You guys will dance until your feet fall off.

1. Salsatheque

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1220 Peel

For a mucho caliente night, I suggest checking out Montreal's Salsatheque! For 37 years the Salsatheque has been supplying great Latino dance parties. It is actually Montreal's oldest salsa club that has continued to deliver! So if you want a fiery night with your date, I suggest taking them to the Salsatheque!


2.Pole Dancing

A photo posted by Stéphane Pellep Pelichet (@petitpetitgamin) on

50 Rue Saint-Jacques & 439 Rue Saint-André

Hey, It's worth a shot to try bringing your date pole dancing! Yes, it is sexual but it's actually very fun and might spicy things up between you and your date! Personally, I suggest Milan Pole Dance Studio! they have a great staff and it's very fun! You might also want to try Alternative Fitness - Pole Dancing Montreal.

This may seem like a bad idea but you would be surprised about how much a date might want to try this especially if you know them well. In addition, to try and convince them, you could just say that they will laugh their as* off by watching you!


3. New City Gas

A photo posted by @newcitygas on

If you and your date both adore EDM music, I strongly suggest heading to New City Gas for some killer beats. It's my personal favourite place to dance... and trust me I have no idea what I'm doing! It's fun for you and your date since you don't have to worry about people watching.

Everyone is in their own little world and you and your date can dance the night away! It's super fun just be sure to buy your tickets in advance and to pick a crowd favourite dj that you will both like.


4. Moomba

A video posted by Quentin Vitse (@djchino_cstarz) on

1780 Avenue Pierre Péladeau, Laval

Another one of my personal favourites is Moomba! At Moomba you can dance how ever you want! There is a large variety of music and a huge dance floor. They even have different events depending on the night. They have Latino Night, 90's Night, EDM Night, and Mashup Night. So choose the one that suits your date best!


5. Piknic Electronik

A photo posted by mtl (@jc.grondin) on

Parc Jean-Drapeau

From experience, I can say that Piknic Electronik is a pretty nice place to take a date. You can spend the whole day there by drinking and dancing! They have EDM Sunday vibe music and a great summery fun atmosphere. You and your date can dance, drink, and talk all day. You won't regret it!


6. Tango Libre

A photo posted by Rene Salchatero (@soldier_salsero) on

1622, rue Roberval, St- Bruno & at 1650 Marie- Anne street

For over 20 years, Tango Libre has been showing their passion of the Argentinian Tango in Montreal. They have regular activities on Saturdays, Sundays, and Thursdays.

On Saturday they have a dance party at 9 for 10$, on Sunday they have supervised practices from 1-4 also for 10 dollars, and on Thursdays they have free classes at 8 with wine and beer! It's a perfect date for that special someone who just loves to dance!


7. Street Dancing

A photo posted by Aly Ahmadzadeh (@aly_ahm) on

Take your date to Place Des Art to enjoy some great street dancing. I can't guarantee that there will be street dancers everyday but it's worth a shot! Not only is it super fun but it's also near some great restaurants and cafes such as Baton Rouge. So, you can make a whole event for your date at Place Des Arts this summer.

8. MoW! Montré(olly)Wood

A photo posted by FLASHMOB NEW ORLEANS (@flashmobneworleans) on

Montré(olly)Wood or MoW! is a flash mod group that has organised a flash mob trend. MoW! brings together 90 non-professional dancers to dance in Montreal.

For that date who just loves to watch people dance, I suggest taking them to GREENFIELD PARK, LONGUEUIL on JULY 1st, 2016 and PLACE CHARLES-LE MOYNE, LONGUEUIL JULY 2nd, 2016. It's a perfect place for a picnic and to watch a great flash mob that combines Bollywood dance and contemporary dance.


9. Club Electric Avenue

A photo posted by Claudio (@kakoclaudio) on

1476 Rue Crescent

If you want a flash back to the past, I suggest hitting up Club Electric Avenue! You and your dancing loving date will groove out to some sick disco tunes. You will be grooving all nightlong with your date and I can assure you that you will both have a blast!


10. Dirty Dancing

A photo posted by John Lodge (@jlodge83) on


If they love movies and dancing, then take your date out see Dirty Dancing! Their last show is this Sunday and there are still tickets available! So hurry and get those tickets for that dance loving date.


11. Les Katacombes: Swing Dance

A photo posted by Nikol (@cnikol14) on

1635 boulevard St Laurent

Swing and spin your date around at Les Katacombes! Every Wednesday they celebrate what they call swing nights. Bring your dance loving date back in time to the 20's and 40's with some great swing dancing. It's only 10$ for a great time with your date.


12. Jive Studio: Rockabilly Jive & Slow Dance

A photo posted by SP Huneault (@unofficiel) on

4475 boulevard St Laurent, Suite 200

Dive into your date with theJive Club! You and your date have a variety of choices to choose from since they specialise in Rockabilly Jive, Swing, and Slow Dances. You guys can dress in those old vintage clothes that you have been waiting to bust out! You will laugh and fall in love with your date just as much as they love dancing!


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