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12 Guaranteed Ways To Get Your Montreal Roommate To Love You

Because obviously they love it when you cheer for the Leafs.

At some point or another, pretty much every Montrealer has had a roommate - it's just a fact of life when you're living in the city. Now, finding a roommate usually isn't a problem, it's getting along with them all of the time that can pose quite the challenge.

Here are 12 absolutely, 100% guaranteed ways to make sure your Montreal roommate loves you forever.

1. Go to St-Viateur every Saturday morning and forget to bring back extra bagels

2. Have an extra Osheaga ticket and sell it on Kijiji for the extra cash

3. Hang up a Maple Leafs flag in your living room and watch every game at full blast so that the neighbours hear

4. Ask their one night stand about how they met and then invite them to brunch at Beauty's

5. Demand you pay equally for toilette paper when clearly you're the one who always has the post-two-chow runs

6. Never question how the dishes are always clean even though you never do any of the cleaning

7. Ask them to leave for a few hours because you're inviting a Tinder date over...and then forget to tell them when your plans get cancelled

8. Wait until they're hungover to ask them about that $20 they owe you

9. Don't tell them when there's a boil-water advisory

10. Send them an invite to a the most epic, raging, guaranteed to get out of control your own apartment

11. Eat their brownies then get mad at them for not telling you they will make you high

12. Instead of killing the house centipedes, just scream and runaway

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