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12 Guys With Badass Jobs In Montreal

I'm not a business man, I'm a business, MAN.
12 Guys With Badass Jobs In Montreal

After the 12 Montreal Girls With Badass Jobs went viral, you know I had to show off my guys too. Here's the list of the most notorious players in the game, chosen once again by yours truly.

Photo Creds - Lobs

1. Xavier Dolan

The Prince of Quebec. Probably the most BADA!S 26 year old in Montreal right now. Xavier is a Canadian Actor and Filmmaker. His piece "I Killed My Mother" won the Art Cinema Award, the Prix Regards Jeunes and the SACD Prize. Sold in over 20 countries. He was also featured on the cover of Men's Fashion Magazine because, you know...

Photo Creds - Chuck Lapointe

2. Charles Lapointe

A Motherfvckin CEO. Co-Founder and CEO of a rapidly growing web network, Chuck Lapointe has been in the web media industry for more than 10 years. He developed and managed the growth of over 10 international websites & brands, some websites with over 2 million unique visitors monthly. He's also the best boss you can ever have...just saying.#GOALS

Check out Narcity Media here

Check out MTL Blog here... you're already on it.

Photo Creds - Show Bizz

3. The Primeau Brothers

Les Rois du Party. Julien and Olivier, both under 30 are the owners of Beachclub. They have revamped the look last summer, and it's bit an even bigger hit now than ever before. Dan Bilzerian showed up in a helicopter at their spot and Kylie Jenner was selfie-ing with Montrealers this summer. Gotta love it.

Beachclub: 701 38 Rue, Pointe-Calumet

Check out events here

Photo Creds - Joseph Alfie

4. Joseph Alfie

A Finance Stud. At the age of 28, Joseph Alfie runs a very successful independent wealth management practice at HollisWealth - division of Scotia Capital Inc. He represents high net worth individuals who are looking to grow and protect their wealth through strategic planning. He credits his success to hours of dedication, persistence and building strong long-term relationships with key business partners. And he's really hot too. #justsaying

Check out more information here

Photo Creds - Carlos Fogelman

5. Carlos Fogelman

@carlitosmtl. Carlos Fogelman is a passion-driven entrepreneur with a keen sense of design and style. With a background in branding and management from Mcgill. He launched Hip and Bone in 2011 by focusing highly on lifestyle designed fashion and sourcing the highest quality of materials available around the world. The brand now makes clothing, outerwear, shoes, Jewellery and bags and is sold in 20 different countries worldwide.

Shop online here

Check out his Instagram here

Photo Creds - Bite Size

6. JF DuRocher

Bite into THIS. JF (and his brother Martin) are the proud owners of Bite Size: Marketing and Events group. Bite Size Entertainment is a leader in creating the agency of tomorrow. Their clients range from Just for laughs, to Coors Light, to Seagull Guitars, and Reebok. Talk about new age marketing at its finest.

Check out their website here

Photo Creds - Zach Macklovitch

7. Zach Macklovitch

He IS the club scene. You've seen him everywhere. If not, you've been to his clubs. Zach is part-Owners of École Privée, Suwu and Apt.200 (Montreal and Toronto). He also owns Saintwoods. What does this guy not do?!

Check it out right here

Photo Creds - David Ouiknine

8. David Ouaknine

Handsome AND stylish. At just over 25 years young, David is taking over CDI Furniture. A Montreal based home furnishing supplier. From Italy to Hong Kong, he's traveling all around the world to stay at the top of the trends, and to ensure that the company provides the most unparalleled and stylish furniture around. Keep an eye on David, he's just getting started.

Shop Online here

Follow their Instagram here

Photo Creds - Milad Sahafzadeh

9. Milad Sahafzadeh

The head behind the models. Milad is one of the very lucky co-owners and president of DULCEDO Modeling Agency along with Milad Sahafzadeh and Karim S. Leduc... Do I have to say anything more?! One of the biggest recruiting agencies in Canada, his models walk the runways of Milan, New York and Paris... and it all started from him and his partners.

Check out their Facebook page here

Website here

Photo Creds - Alexander Reverse

10. Alexander Reverse

The Master of Mind Fvcks. Literally. Alex designs and creates escape games at A/Maze. Incase you haven't herd of it yet (although very unlikely) picture this: 1926 prison with metal cell bars, solitary room and evidence board on the wall. Or a secret lab of a genius who went crazy and decided to destroy the world. If your curiosity got the best of you,

Book your next adventure here

Photo Creds - Ben Schubert

11. Ben Schubert

@bennydouble. Ben is the owner Ben&Boule Trading Inc. BBT is a Canadian-based international distribution company offering exclusive men’s and women’s fashion and accessory brands to retailers throughout the country. He's got exclusive contracts with some of the biggest names in the industry. Pretty impressive for a company that's less than five years old.

Check out his website here

Photo Creds - Alexis Froissart

12. Alexis Froissart

and let's not forget: Yan Cordeau, Nicolas Munn Rico, Andre Bathalon. The team behind MURAL and LNDMRK.They are the founder and creators of the Mural Festival (art scene) in Montreal. These guys are KILLING it.

Check out their website here

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