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12 "Hidden" Rooftop Terrasses You Need To Discover This Summer

Make the most of the summer.
12 "Hidden" Rooftop Terrasses You Need To Discover This Summer

Summer is officially here. No more rainy, cold weather, it's time for sun and warmth. With this warm weather brings so many opportunities to get outside and make the most of Montreal's best time of the year. Montreal is known for it's amazing summers because there's a seemingly endless amount of things to do here. 

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You can go camping, hiking, lounging in parks, celebrating festivals, and of course drinking. Summer is the best time to explore Montreal's nightlife and one of the best things about it is our rooftop terrasses. So many bars and hotels here have huge terrasses overlooking the amazing cityscape and it's honestly breakthtaking. 

Below is a list of Montreal's best rooftop terrasses, separated by burrow so you can have the easiest time locating one close to you. So grab your BFFs and enjoy the fancy cocktails you deserve! 

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Rooftop Terrasses In Old Montreal: 

1. Terrasse Nelligan 

via @missjulesrollet

106 Saint-Paul St W

Located on the rooftop of Old Montreal's Hotel Nelligan, this terrasse is totally worth experiencing this summer. With breathtaking views of all of Old Montreal and the Saint Lawrence River, you probably won't want to leave. Lucky for you they have amazing drinks and a full food menu so stay as long as you want!

2. Terrasse Place D'Armes 

via @lapetitegiroux

55 Saint-Jacques Street, 8th floor

With delicious drinks and charcuterie plates, this is the classy terrasse you want to be at this summer. They're located on the 8th floor of Hotel Place D'Armes right in the heart of Old Montreal. You'll have great views of the cobble stone streets below and of downtown Montreal!

3. Terrasse Sur L'Auberge 

via @merlou04

97 de la Commune St E

This rooftop terrasse features classic French foods and refreshing drinks. You'll have amazing views of the river right below you and the plateau behind you! You'll definitely want to spend your entire day on this rooftop.

4. Cafe Daylight Factory

via @gabgauts

1030 St Alexander St

This cute terrasse is perfect for a lunchtime getaway from the city life. They serve classic lunch dishes like soups and sandwiches, which you can enjoy on their large, sunny terrasse.

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Rooftop Terrasses In Downtown Montreal: 

5. SIX Resto Lounge 

via @anne_lovely_e

1255 Jeanne Mance St

This open-concept terrasse is the best spot for you to hang out on this summer. Located on the rooftop of Montreal's Hyatt Regency Hotel right in the heart of Place des Arts. If you don't already know, almost of all of Montreal's biggest festivals happen in Places des Arts, so if being on this rooftop terrasse will give you a VIP seat to the crazy fun below!

6. Les Enfants Terrible 

via @rosaprovencher

1 Place Ville Marie

Dubbed the highest restaurant in Montreal, this terrasse is located at the very top of Place Ville Marie! They're open for lunch and dinner and of course they have some unbeatable views. You'll be towering above some of Montreal's tallest buildings while drinking some refreshingly fruity cocktails.

7. Renaissance Montreal Downtown Hotel

via @aicharoxane

1250 Boulevard Robert-Bourassa

This rooftop terrasse has some breathtaking downtown views. It'll feel like you're floating between the tallest buildings of Montreal! Enjoy their amazing drinks and delicious food!

8. Labo Culinaire Foodlab 

via @cafejojo_

1201 St Laurent Blvd

Located at Montreal's Societe des Arts et Technologie, this terrasse should definitely be on your list. They have twinkling lights, views of SAT's giant dome, and the rest of the downtown core! They serve some amazing drinks as well as some creative and unique dishes.

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Rooftop Terrasses In The Plateau: 

9. Le Reservoir 

via @ayeshawallia

9 Avenue Duluth E

Reservoir is a classic Plateau bar, home to tons of different kinds of microbrews. They also serve tapas dishes for you to enjoy while you're drinking on their sunny rooftop terrasse. Enjoy a casual and fun experience with your friends here this summer!

10. Tokyo Bar 

via @heythereimsophie

3709 St Laurent Blvd

Right in the heart of Saint-Laurent, this rooftop terrasse is where you want to be if you're up for a party. They have a club indoors, and the rooftop terrasse is also always lit. Enjoy some drinks with your friends under the twinkly lights!

11. Complexe Sky 

via @allenkingxx

1474 St Catherine St E

Okay, so this spot isn't exactly Plateau, it's actually in Montreal's Gay Village but it's pretty close by and definitely deserves a spot on this list. It's one of Montreal's hottest gay bars that has a crazy club, drag shows and a sunny rooftop terrasse! It's one you've got to check out if you haven't yet.

12. B-Side 

via @instantoine

3616 St Laurent Blvd

This stylish spot is one of Montreal's hottest clubs and they also have a giant rooftop terrasse complete with it's own DJ. Enjoy a fancy cocktail in the sun with your friends here this summer!

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