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12 Hollywood Celebrities You Can Spot In Montreal Right Now

Keep your eye peeled, you don't want to miss any.
12 Hollywood Celebrities You Can Spot In Montreal Right Now

Honestly, Montreal is amazing; and although it's awesome all-year, it gets particularly special in the summer. The perfect combination of good weather, beautiful views, and super fun festivals makes it an ideal spot for anyone to come and spend some time at... And that includes celebrities.

If you're the type of person who does get excited at the prospect of famous people walking the exact same streets that you walk, then have I got some great news for you.

There's an influx of super talented celebrities in Montreal right now, mainly because of films, concerts, and festivals - and, if you're lucky enough, you just might get to spot one this weekend. Maybe chilling at your fave restaurant. Who knows? Anything is possible, friends. Anything.

1. Nick Kroll

A photo posted by Sarah Shtern (@shterminator) on

Nick Kroll is in town for his Just For Laughs Festival play, "Oh, Hello," along with John Mulaney. He was recently spotted at Beautys, and I can't stop torturing myself wondering if he ordered the Beautys Special or not.

2. John Mulaney

A photo posted by Brian (@btassillo) on

Also in town for "Oh, Hello", which runs until July 30th. John Mulaney is one of my fave comedians ever, hands down, so I've spent a few sleepless nights wondering if he's digging Montreal or not.

3. Kevin Hart

A photo posted by Just For Laughs ComedyPro (@jflcomedypro) on

This super famous comedian is in town for his Just For Laughs special, LOL Live. He's also hosting a pitch panel in the city, cementing his status as an awesome comedian and an awesome person in general, IMO.

4. Kit Harington

A photo posted by kit harington (@haringtcn) on

I don't even have words to describe how awesojme it is that Kit Harington is in our city. He'll be here for a few weeks this month, filming a movie.

5. Jennifer Lawrence

A photo posted by ?Queeny Jen? (@fancyjlaw) on

Jennifer Lawrence is filming a move in Montreal, and is set to stay until the middle of August.

6. Lana Del Rey

A photo posted by Eric Budzielek (@ericbudz22) on

In town for Osheaga, Lana Del Rey will be #blessing Montreal with her presence this upcoming weekend. Hopefully she'll go exploring, and we'll have the chance to spot her live.

7. Aziz Ansari

A photo posted by FAMOUS FOODIES® (@famousfoodies) on

Aziz is in town for his Just For Laughs show, Master Of None. (Sidenote: My own personal life goal is to meet Aziz Ansari and thank him for changing my whole life with his Netfilx show of the same name).

8. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

A photo posted by Nikolaj Coster Waldau (@nikolaj.coster.waldau) on

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau will be in town this summer filming the movie Small Crimes. Yasssss.

9. Seth Rogen

A photo posted by Kevin Smith (@thatkevinsmith) on

In town for the Just For Laughs festival in order to introduce an advanced screening of his new movie, Sausage Party, which honestly looks like the most fun you could have with food, ever.

10. Sarah Silverman

A photo posted by The Feature Presentation (@thefeaturepresentation) on

This talented comedian is in Montreal this weekend for her Just For Laughs show, Sarah Silverman In Concert, on July 30.

11. Hannibal Buress

A photo posted by Eric Sexton (@i_collect_monsters83) on

Starring in one of my all-time fave shows (Broad City), Hannibal Buress is in Montreal right now for Just For Laughs show, Hannibal Burress, on July 30.

12. JB Smoove

A photo posted by Tania Baloukas (@taniab02) on

The super talented JB Smoove, who currently plays a hilarious role in Curb Your Enthusiasm, is in town for the Just For Laughs fest as part of the Mega Stars Of Comedy Gala.

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