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12 Incredible Cities In Canada You Can Travel To If You're Young, Broke And Restless

It's time to explore our own backyard.
12 Incredible Cities In Canada You Can Travel To If You're Young, Broke And Restless

Canada is home to some amazing cities and gorgeous national parks to explore, it's really unbelievable. When you see pictures of some these amazing Canadian places it's hard to believe they exist right here in our own backyard.

Most of us Canadians don't really think to explore our own country for a few different reasons. One is that the cost of travelling from one side of the country to the other is kind of ridiculous. It's insane what the price of travelling within our own country compared to somewhere as far away as Europe is. If you don't already know it's like half the price to travel to Europe than it is for a Montrealer to travel to B.C!

Another reason is that we just want to get out of the cold during the winters. It's freezing here during the winter time so most of us use our vacation days to travel somewhere warm during the freezing hell that is winter, which is totally understandable.

But honestly, Canada is home to some amazing and gorgeous places that the rest of the world is jealous of. So, since we're already here I think it's time we got out there and explored what our own amazing country has to offer us!

1. Toronto, ON

sometimes ambition can have an extremely high price.

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Cheapest Meal: $10.00

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $105/night

Cheapest Beer: $6.00

Okay, so we all know about Toronto and I'm sure most of you have been here already but if you haven't you really have to go! Aside from Montreal, Toronto is the cheapest city to visit in Canada right now, which makes it the perfect place for us struggling students. Toronto is a great city, it always has something going on, there's an insane amount of amazing restaurants and bars to try out, and it's so huge that you'll be struggling to pack it all into one weekend.

2. Vancouver, B.C

Sleep it off Vancouv' Photo by @alex_mey #narcityvancouver #vancouver #vancity #sweetdreams #coalharbour #seawall

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Cheapest Meal: $10.00

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $100/night

Cheapest Beer: $6.00

Vancouver is definitely a dream destination of anyone over on the East/Central part of Canada. It's just so gorgeous over on the West Coast, who wouldn't want to make Vancouver their next travel destination? Well, now you can because it's actually affordable to visit! The only thing is the travel costs of course, which, I'm sorry to say, haven't become more affordable for Canadians yet. But if you can make it happen, I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

3. Banff, Alberta

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Cheapest Meal: $12.00

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $129/night

Cheapest Beer: $6.00

Banff National Park looks like something out of a National Geographic magazine that only exists in some secluded area of the world only explorers can get to. Well, lucky for us this amazing national park exists right here in Canada and spans across two provinces, British Colombia and Alberta! The lakes here are bright turquoise blue, the waterfalls flow with crisp water and the trees are massive and lusciously green. This trip will definitely be worth the travel costs!

4. Summerside, PEI

Lovely spot! #princeedwardisland #summersidepei

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Cheapest Meal: $15.00

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $80/night

Cheapest Beer: $6.00

Summerside, PEI is an adorable little town on the East Coast of Canada. If you've been looking to plan a trip out east, well now you can because it's actually super affordable! There's so much to do in this small town like, exploring the colourful houses on Spinnaker's Landing, visit the gorgeous lighthouses, the Wyatt Historic House Museum, or take a segway tour around the town!

5. Whistler, B.C

14 km, 2 days & one hell of a weekend camping beside stunning glaciers. wedgemount, you blow my mind every.single.time.

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Cheapest Meal: $13.00

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $109/night

Cheapest Beer: $5.50

Whistler is known for it's amazing skiing in the winter, which makes it a very popular destination. But there's so many amazing things to see here during other months of the year when the crowds calm down. Whistler is also home to it's own National Park with more gorgeous blue lakes and amazing hiking trails! You should definitely take a dip in some of the most refreshing waters while you're here.

6. Jasper National Park, Alberta

One of my favorite things to do after a sunrise shooting in the Rockies: take a 20min nap in the wilderness under the morning sun. #explorecanada

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Cheapest Meal: $12.00

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $115/night

Cheapest Beer: $6.29

Jasper National Park is definitely a hidden Canadian treasure that everyone needs to visit at least once in their lives. With sprawling mountains, amazing wildlife like bears, moose and mountain goats, shiny blue lakes and rivers at every turn there's so many crazy things to see here! Spend your weekend hiking and if you want to avoid the hotel costs, bring your tent and camp out!

7. Nanaimo, B.C

#nanaimo #bc #neckpoint #sunset #lovewhereyoulive #followme

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Cheapest Meal: $12.00

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $108/night

Cheapest Beer: $6.00

British Colombia is full of amazing, cute towns that are surprisingly affordable right now and Nanaimo is one of them! Check out the insane Englishman River Falls, hike the towering Mount Benson, head over to Protection Island for some exploration or go snorkelling on Snake Island to see the adorable harbour seals!

8. Halifax, Nova Scotia

Who cares if it's #Monday it's #summer! #winetime #beaches and #sunsets. #NovaScotia #wine #beachchair #whitesand

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Cheapest Meal: $16.00

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $125/night

Cheapest Beer: $5.00

Another east coast gem, Halifax is the perfect city to visit when you're young! There's some unreal places to see like hiking in Cape Breton's Highlands, relaxing on some of the gorgeous beaches such as Lawrencetown Beach and Inverness Beach, or the amazing bays like Glace Bay and Cows Bay! The possibilities are endless here.

9. Napanee, ON

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Cheapest Meal: $10.00

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $115/night

Cheapest Beer: $6.00

This small town in Ontario is perfect for a secluded weekend getaway. There's some gorgeous things to see such as the Napanee River Falls and the Napanee River, the Human Sun Dial or their main strip, Dundas Street with cute shops and restaurants. Enjoy an escape from the big city with this trip!

10. Victoria, B.C

Victoria, Canadá ?? #sendas#caminos#northwest#canada#columbiabritanica#water#sea#boat#sky#viajera#viajes#travel#travelphotography#tourism#victoria#travelgram#travellers#photographer#viagem#viaggio#turismo#discover#beautiful#landscape#trav3lr#pasion#amazing#paz

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Cheapest Meal: $15.00

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $103/night

Cheapest Beer: $6.00

Victoria is an amazing city just across the water from Vancouver, British Colombia. There's some great things to explore here like shopping in FanTan Alley, having tea at the Empress Hotel, explore Hatley Castle, and visit their gorgeous Parliament building in the middle of the city! If you're looking for a nature-filled trip with some amazing sights, Victoria is definitely the city for you.

11. Alma, New Brunswick

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Cheapest Meal: $13.00

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $115/night

Cheapest Beer: $5.00

This little town in New Brunswick is one of the best on the east coast of Canada. There's so many fun activities to do here you won't be bored for a second. Visit Fundy National Park for some hiking, camping and gorgeous waterfalls! You should also visit Cape Enrage for an amazing view of the famous Bay of Fundy and if you like rock climbing try climbing the Hopewell Rocks!

12. Saint John's, Newfoundland

missin u, newf

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Cheapest Meal: $9.75

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $110/night

Cheapest Beer: $5.00

Newfoundland is definitely a hidden Canadian gem. It's so far east that most Canadians don't consider travelling all the way over there, but it's totally worth exploring. Check out the Cape Spear lighthouse, hiking on Signal Hill, George Street for some awesome pubs and restaurants, and Pippy Park for some camping and nature exploring! There's even more than this to see in this great city so do your research before you go!

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