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12 Insane Montreal Breakfast Spots You Have To Try Sooner Rather Than Later

Beyond your 'egg'spectations!
12 Insane Montreal Breakfast Spots You Have To Try Sooner Rather Than Later

Montreal sure is home to some pretty insane food creations. Most of the time these cool dishes are for dessert, but hold up! Montreal has equally as insane breakfast foods that you HAVE to try ASAP!

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Not only can your order these dishes every morning, but you can experience a whole food new world that will absolutely blow your mind! Your taste-buds will be in ultimate shock after you treat them to these amazing breakfast foods down below!

1. You Have To Try Chicken And Waffles

via @carolynwheatley

1800 Rue Notre-Dame O

Bird Bar restaurant specializes in fried chicken and champagne, served in a super gorgeous and contemporary setting. It's new, hip, and ready for you when you decide to bring your tastebuds to heaven!


2. You Have To Try Avocado Toast

via @tellementswell

440 Rue Saint-François-Xavier

Feel like you stepped right off the metro and into Venice beach with your date when you enter Venice MTL! Their Avocado Toast is topped with a fresh poached egg and it's the perfect treat on a hot day and their decor makes it lowkey AF.


3. You Have To Try The Egg Poutine

via @lgrosluxevege


L’Gros Luxe never disappoints! Not only can you order several dishes and expect nothing less than heaven on a plate, but you won't break the bank! Their menu is fairly cheap and you absolutely must try their egg poutine.


4. You Have To Try S'mores French Toast

via @lgrosluxevege


Also from L’Gros Luxe, you can try S'mores French toast which is literally heaven on a plate!


5. You Have To Try The Lasagna Grilled Cheese

via @mlt_dwn

837 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

If you are looking for the PERFECT restaurant that literally specializes in grilled cheeses then you MUST check out MLT DWN! Not only does their name say it all, but their grilled cheeses speak for themselves. You can choose from a variety of classic grilled cheeses or funky ones like their lasagna grilled cheese!


6. You Have To Try Brunch Doughnuts 

via @feedmecanada

538 Place St-Henri

Doughnuts in the morning? YES. It is as simple as that! You can now get yourself some fancy brunch doughnuts at H4C. But don't only get yourself some soft doughnuts! Be sure to check out the rest of their French cuisine options.


7. You Have To Try Cotton Candy French Toast

via @uncle_bens_

4615 St Laurent Blvd

Cafe Melbourne has it all... I mean cotton candy French toast WHATT!!!! Their "cotton candy French toast", is basically matcha toast smothered with fresh fruit and topped with a solid amount of candy floss!


8. You Have To Try The Lucky Charms Latte

via @lynnlawandi

4615 St Laurent Blvd

Also from Cafe Melbourne is the Lucky Charms latte, magic in a cup!


9. You Have To Try Rainbow Acai/Smoothie Bowls

via @mtllovin

464 McGill St

LOV organic restaurant places emphasis on locally grown, wholesome ingredients, plus delicious vegan dishes like their rainbow smoothie bowls!


10. You Have To Try Crepe Burritos

via @tamangerie

1960 Rue Notre-Dame O

To quench your crepe cravings, I suggest heading to Spanel! This little breakfast restaurant is perfect for a crepe addicts! They are served hot and ready every morning and are most famous for their stuffed crepe burritos that are filled with eggs and ham!


11. You Have To Try Rasberry Infused Croissants

via @pink4zebra

3227 rue Ontario est

La Grange Du Boulanger has won the croissant game with its strawberry infused croissant that has stolen the show in MTL!


12. You Have To Try Pretzel Pancakes

via @monaelmo

3612 rue Notre-Dame

If you want to feel like you are in the retro ’90s enjoying a yummy breakfast, then I suggest coming to L’Avenue! It’s a great location to feel like you are in an old 90’s movie while enjoying 3D murals. The food is great especially their waffles topped pancakes!


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