12 Jobs Paying You Above $100,000 A Year You Can Get Hired For In Montreal

You'll never believe how much money yoga instructors make.
12 Jobs Paying You Above $100,000 A Year You Can Get Hired For In Montreal

Finding a job is no easy task.

Plus there aren't any good jobs out there anyways.


They're out there, you just have to know where to look.

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But forget about that minimum wage bullshit. We want the well paying jobs.

So we basically filtered out all the jobs that pay less than 100,000 a year. Because you're awesome and you deserve a shit ton of money.

Manager, Continuous Improvement

Keurig Canada


Plus as a bonus, I'm sure they give you a bunch of those little k-cups.

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Yoga Teacher

Innergy Corporate Yoga

$80 an hour

Who knew you could make so much money without ever putting on normal pants.

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Yellow pages


I don't know what it is , but any job with "master" in the titles has to be good.

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Sales Superstar Wanted!

JPK Media


If you're a regular salesman, move on. They need a superstar!

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Customer Success Manager

Syntax Systems Limited


Sound so much better than customer service manager.

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Plant and Production Manager

Cascades Inc.


The best part of being manager is you don't actually have to do anything. You just have to make sure other people are working.

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Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Paladin Labs


It's like being a drug dealer, but legal.

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Program Manager

Air Canada


Did someone say: Free flights?

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Bilingual Automotive Sales Trainer

Absolute Results


I'm sure you need at least some experience selling cars.

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Regional Sales Manager

Elby Professional Recruitment


Sounds like a job from Dunder Mifflin

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iPhone Technical Specialist



Now you'll no problem getting a rose gold iPhone.

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Infrastructure Delivery Manager

Infotek Direct

$85 an hour

You are responsible to manage the delivery of infrastructure initiatives and components. C'mon there had to be at least one boring job on the list.

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