12 Lowkey Bars In Montreal You Want To Be Seen At

All you need is a choker and Adidas.
12 Lowkey Bars In Montreal You Want To Be Seen At

OK, so I have this conversation with my friends EVERY weekend. Whenever we want to go out, we always have this problem of finding somewhere lowkey to go. What I mean by this, is that we want to go to a bar or club where we don't have to wear heels or put on pounds of makeup. We want a lowkey night where we can wear Adidas and a T-Shirt and be basic.

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I am positive that my group of friends aren't the only ones... So, to help us all out I have composed this list of A1 bars and clubs that are LOWKEY AF. You can legit wear whatever you want, be comfy, and enjoy a nice night out with your squad. Plus... everyone wants to be seen in a lowkey bar where they can take a sick picture next to graffiti, a neon light, plants, or flowery wall paper!

Throw on a tank-top, some jeans, a choker, your favorite kicks and you are officially ready to hit up Suwu! Not only are their drinks amazing, but you should definitely go there to check out their amazing food for a lowkey kind of night!

1. You'll Want To Be Seen At Fitzroy

Good friends lead to good nights. 🌙

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551 Mont-Royal E

For a nice casual night out with all of your gang and no reservations, I suggest heading to Fitzroy! They have a huge space that boasts plenty of pool tables, couches, video games, plants, and two bars. It's hella lowkey and no heels required. Plus, everyone wants to be seen in a picture on their palm leaf wall!


2. You'll Want To Be Seen At Bifteck


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3702 Boul St-Laurent

For some huge and delicious 10$ pitchers you should definitely check out Bifteck! They have great service, a chill environment, and great drinks! Not only can you get tipsy here, but you can also relax and play some pool even if you are on a budget. It's the ultimate lowkey night.


3. You'll Want To Be Seen At Apartment 200

It's an excellent day to drink! Keep the weekend going tonight with Vivement Dimanche! 💃🎉

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It stopped snowing! If you know what's good you'll see us tonight to kick off the weekend, don't miss out! 🍾🎉

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3643 St-Laurent Apt.200

Let's be honest... Who doesn't want to be seen at Apt. 200! Not only can you just throw on some Nikes, but you can also play pool and hit the dance floor. It;s the happy medium between a bar and club.


4. You'll Want To Be Seen At Suwu

Took 4 years for the 8 plants to fill up the ceiling 🌿🔮🌿 WORTH IT!! 📷 @arpitamadan #mybaby #montrealrestaurants #neighborhoodbar #interiordesign #plantsforlife

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Take a seat and join our club 💁🏼 #squadgoals #girlsnightout

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3581 St. Laurent


5. You'll Want To Be Seen At Casa Del Popolo

Feeling this art so much.

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4873 Boul St-Laurent, Montréal

They describe themselves as a hipster cafe and I could not agree more. I was actually just here at Casa Del Popolo yesterday to enjoy some live music. They have a great atmosphere and really cheap drinks that everyone can enjoy. They have two rooms; a cafe lounge area and a bar! It is gorgeous and lowkey.


6. You'll Want To Be Seen At TRH-Bar

im next.. gonna kill it like everytime

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699 Boul St-Laurent

For all those skaters out there, why not skate your heart away at 2 AM with a beer and all your buddies! And don't you sweat it, anyone can go to TRH-Bar even if you don't skate! Just put on your Vans and walk out the door! You can have a great time just by standing by the bowl and watching the skaters do their thing. Plus, there are two floors, and each play different music!


7. You'll Want To Be Seen At Le Mal Nécessaire

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For a spontaneous effortless night, Le Mal Nécessaire is the place for you... AND ME! not only do they have me obsessing over their neon green pineapple entrance, but they also have insane cocktails served in pineapples and coconuts!


8. You'll Want To Be Seen At Kinoya Izakaya

Si tu veux connaitre l’endroit où tu passeras tous tes vendredis et samedis soirs, va lire notre article « Voici le plus incroyable bistro japonais de Montréal ». Lien dans la bio! 😍💃🏻🍸Crédit photo - @mclfiset #narcitymontreal #mtlmoments #montreal #bistro #plateaumontroyal

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Wink wink St-Patrick's day wink ☘️☘️

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250 Rue Saint-Denis

This is the perfect bar is you want to get smashed but remain comfy. First, before you get waster, take a second to admire their trippy and amazing design and decor! Then, get ready to enjoy some gourmet Japanese food AND THEN, smash that table and let your shot fall into your drink and chug away!


9. You'll Want To Be Seen At Ping Pong Club

Ping Pong Club is a great spot to hang out. A ping pong table, board games, good food and drinks and a great design make this place a Mile End favourite. Photo 📷 by The Main's Editor-in-Chief @phlop | #themainmtl

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HB Melichat 🏓 • • • • • • #pingpongclub#montreal#mtl#mtlmoments#night#birthday#birthdaygirl#happy#happybirthday#love#friends#friendship#young#girls#girlsnightout#nightout#nightlife#livemontreal#moments#places#fun#vibes#saturday#weekend#bdaygirl#saturdaynight#vsco#vscocam#saturyay#yay

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This bar has to be one of the cutest I've seen! It may look like a cafe, but they sure do know how to party minus the fancy crap! They obviously have Ping Pong (already a plus in my book) and their decor and drinks are SWEET!


10. You'll Want To Be Seen At Kampai

Babygirl, what's your name? 🌸

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1628 Rue Sainte-Catherine O

Yes, the infamous neon-red light has made it's way on the list! Now Kampai is legit my favorite place on this list. You can dress it up or dress it down and you are guaranteed a chill night from the moment you walk in. It's lowkey with pool tables and even fabulous food before the party starts!


11. You'll Want To Be Seen At Bar Waverly


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When the girls come out and play..... 💄👯@m22andrade @virginiiii_e @liviibaybi @yvonnekhoury @ioanna_blidjios @jacintha24 @justinemouchian #birthdaycelebration #allmybabies #squadgoals

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5550 Boul St-Laurent

Situated in Montreal's Mile End, Bar Waverly sure is magical! First, it's chill and second, you can get turnt AF! The drinks are Bomb and you don't even have to try for an outfit.


12. You'll Want To Be Seen At Bar Kabinet

That time of the day where you can mix coffee and some drinks ☕ #mtlcafecrawl

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92 Laurier W

This Russian-themed bar is perfect for a small get together will all your lowkey friends! They have superb cocktails that you can enjoy all while wearing whatever your heart desires!


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