12 Luxurious Things You And Your Girlfriend Gotta Treat Yourselves To In Quebec

With school already moving pretty quickly, I'm sure you are pretty stressed, I know I am! So, instead of freaking the f out, why don't you and that special someone in your life who is probably equally as stressed take a little time out of your busy schedules and have a luxurious fun and relaxing day!

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There are luxurious things that you can do all across Montreal and a little bit beyond. The list below has several ideas of luxurious things that you and your boyfriend should treat yourselves too before you are swamped with exams! There are things for those who want to relax and also for those who want to have some last minute fun. So, GET PLANNING!

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1. Treat Yourselves To A Spa Day Away At Le Finlandais

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124 Boul Labelle, Rosemère, Laval

For a luxurious Spa day out of Montreal, I strongly recommend checking out Spa Le Finlandais. They water circuit is absolutely amazing! They have 6 different saunas including a Russian sauna and Hammam, they also have 4 baths including arctic and thermal, and even a bubble experience! This is a great way to relax with your boyfriend.


2. Treat Yourselves To A Boaty Brunch

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If you want to feel classy and fancy with that special someone, check out Le Bateau Mouche! Le Bateau Mouche not only offers breakfast but also dinner. Built in 1992, le Bateau Mouche has been redesigned into a more formal and classy ship.

Their food features Quebec’s Nordic cuisine that is always fresh and fruity. They take you out past the Olympic stadium and then towards the Victoria Bridge. It's honestly perfect for a luxurious day that will make you guys feel like kings and queens.


3. Treat Yourselves To A Helicopter Tour

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Fly over downtown Montreal to admire your city in all its glory! The Ville-Marie circuit will allow you to fly over La Ronde, Olympic Park, Botanical Garden and Mount Royal, and finish with a panoramic view of downtown! This is a great luxurious activity for that fun couple who loves adventurous activities.


4. Treat Yourselves To A Gourmet Dinner From HVOR

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1414 Rue Notre Dame Ouest

HVOR is one of Montreal most renowned restaurants. The ambiance is very modern and classy so you can dress up and enjoy your well deserved gourmet meal. It the perfect way to close off a busy week and open up a luxuruous weekend with you boyfriend.


5. Treat Yourselves To Wine Tasting

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6417, rue St-Denis, Montreal

Become your very own personal wine consultant at Les Conseillers Du Vin! Here, you and your boyfriend will learn, taste, and make your own wine for a day! This is a great way to have a classy and tipsy luxurious weekend!


6. Treat Yourselves To A Luxurious Desert

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1255 Rue Bishop

For a truly divine dessert, I suggest heading to C'chocolat! Here they offer the famous chocolate bomb. So, if you and your boyfriend have a luxurious sweet tooth, then this is the place to be on your Sunday night before your rough week ahead!


7. Treat Yourselves To Horseback Riding

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1271 Chemin Saint Louis, Saint-Lazare

For something new to try, why not try horseback in St. Lazare! The horse ranch at St. Lazare is only 15 minutes from downtown Montreal where they offer horseback riding indoors, outdoors, and on a trail through the sunset. This is a great fun activity to try with your boyfriend this fall.


8. Treat Yourselves To A Weekend Getaway To Mont-Tremblant

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There are multiple activities you can do on your trip to Mont Tremblant, but I suggest head to the Scandinave Spa Mont-Tremblant! They offer a superb Spa that is absolutely stunning during the fall. Mont-Tremblant is home to this beautiful spa and many other activities that you can participate in for your luxurious weekend away. This spa offers great baths for only $60 each and for $150 you can get the baths experience and a Scandinavian massage.


9. Treat Yourselves To a Gourmet Cooking Class

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444 Saint-Francois-Xavier

Treat yourselves to something that can also benefit others by taking a cooking class in Montreal! This hands-on classes led by professional chefs offers you the learning experience of a life time! You will learn to make classic French dishes like beef flank and tart tatin, fancy tapas, the perfect brunch, and even how to do gourmet in a hurry.


10. Treat Yourselves To A Night Cruise

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1, rue de la Commune

If you want to feel fancy AF on your luxurious weekend this fall, then why not go on a night cruise with your boyfriend around Montreal! The Croisières AML reserves a boat for an evening and where you have a big party with a DJ, a bar, and lots of people to help assure that you guys have a great time from 12am-3am!


11. Treat Yourselves To A Luxurious Breakfast At Fabergé

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25 Avenue Fairmount O

There truly is no better way to start a relaxing day than to go out for brunch with your boyfriend! This restaurant is a great place for the start to a great relaxing day where you can enjoy fresh and delightful food.


12.Treat Yourselves To A Luxurious Dinner From Jatoba

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1184 Place Phillips

For some delicious white wine and some fabulous food as you eat under the lights, I recommend looking into Jatoba. Jatoba is a gorgeous garden terrasse where you can enjoy inspired classic Japanese and Chinese dishes made by their chef, Olivier Vigneault. It is the perfect way to close off your luxurious weekend.


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