12 Magical Winter Spas For Under $70 In Montreal

Exchange your winter blues for the most rejuvenating experience ever.
12 Magical Winter Spas For Under $70 In Montreal

With winter literally in full swing right now, the last thing you want to think about is going to work and school, or even going outside PERIOD. The city is shut down today, meaning it's the perfect opportunity to just disappear for awhile and enjoy the snow day to its fullest.

Well, before you have to get back to shovelling your driveway and scraping ice off your windshield, why not spend a few hours getting in some rest and relaxation? 

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TL;DR Winter weather got you down? That probably means you're due for a spa day. Below are 12 all-inclusive magical winter spas all located around Montreal.

Luckily, there are quite a few luxurious spas across Montreal that are ready to offer you the most magical winter day you've ever had.

So, get your robe, some cucumber slices, and prepare some well-deserved treatment at one of these 12 winter spas:

1. Spa Cloud

Offering some super exclusive treatments such as cryotherapy (a chilled sauna using liquid nitrogen) and light therapy, this is definitely where you want to recover from any stress the winter storm as brought you. Plus, Spa Cloud is currently offering a Valentine's Day special that you definitely don't want to miss out on!

One session of cryotherapy is only $69.

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2. Spa Centrale Parc

If you want to check something off your bucket list such as a "chocolate bath" look no further. Spa Centrale Parc, which is located in the Plateau, is known for its luxurious bath treatments as well as its clinic that will totally pick you up out of any winter funk you're in.

Thirty-minute access to the baths is only $55.

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3. Mandala Spa Urbain

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If you're interested in natural and new-age relaxation treatments such as acupuncture, ionic baths, reflexology, and electrolysis, Mandala Spa Urbain will be your urban oasis on this cold, winter day.

A thirty-minute massage is only $45.

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4. Avie Spa

Perhaps you're looking for specialized treatments such as body and face exfoliation wraps, hot stone massage, keratin treatments, or a relaxing hammam. The Old Montreal spa is basically calling your name right now. What better way to return to work than feeling entirely rejuvenated?

Access to the hammam is only $27.

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5. Spa Finlandais

Yes, this gorgeous spot is technically in Laval, but with a secluded outdoor "hottub pool" awaiting its chance to cure your winter blues, we can pretend it's in Montreal just this once. Since you're destined to fall in love with the spa and all of its promise for a romantic and relaxing getaway, it also doubles at a hotel! Meaning you can extend your stay until the winter weather has disappeared.

Access to the spas is as little as $34.

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6. Rainspa

This is where you go for some top-of-the-notch body therapy. Seriously: eucalyptus steam vapor hammam, purifying and oxygen facial treatments, and even more personalized massages and skincare therapy certain to make you feel prepared for the rest of the season. The giant spa offers everything you can imagine!

A single hammam session is only $30.

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7. Sky Spa

Two words: thermal baths. A few more words: thermal baths on a rooftop overlooking the gorgeous city of Montreal. Relaxing in the warming water will make you feel more like you're on a cruise than in the middle of the city during a winter blizzard. Grab a couple friends, have some drinks and enjoy a laid back day in the thermal pool. Trust me, you won't regret it.

The thermal experience package is only $60.

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8. Spa Escale Santé

Unwind in some of the best hydro-massage baths you'll ever encounter, relax with a glass of wine in the lounge or forget all of your troubles in the Finnish sauna and steam room. No matter what services you take advantage of, on thing is for sure. Once you visit, you'll never want to leave.

Access to the baths and spas is only $59.50.

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9. Strom Spa Nordique

This spa is literally located on an island, Nun's Island to be exact. So you really are disappearing from the world while you indulge in some of the best facial and body treatments all performed outside in luxury heated tents, even in the middle of winter. If you happen to get hungry during your stay, visit the gourmet bistro and even visit the outdoor thermal lounge complete with cocktails and a DJ.

Bath access is only $49!

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10. Spa Ovarium

As if spa treatments weren't already futurisitc enough, you can now spend some peaceful solitude in a flotation bathroom, which is basically a hot tub in a pod. Ovarium has six of these unique rooms as well as 11 massage therapy rooms. Needless to say, these relaxation techniques will truly achieve the ultimate body and mind rejuvenation.

Access to the neurospa is only $45.

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11. Bota Bota

Okay, we have all either been to or heard of Bota Bota before, but it's too incredible not to add to the list. First of all, the spa floats in the middle of the St. Lawrence River, so while you indulge in your Nordic water circuit treatmeant you can also wave to all the poor Montrealers trudging through the snow. Just kidding! But seriously, imagine steam baths, saunas, massages, and exclusice mani/pedis. You really have to go to Bota Bota at least once to be considered a true Montrealer!

3-hour access to the water circuit is only $50.

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12. Scandinave Spa Vieux-Montreal

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If it wasn't already obvious from its name, expect the best Scandinavian baths of your life at this eco-friendly spa located in the center of the Old Port. Offering the finest Finnish saunas, Nordic showers and hybrid massages, you'll leave Scandinave Spa Vieux-Montreal feeling elegant and at least a few years younger!

Bath access is only $59!

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So, which spa will you be visiting for your next relaxation retreat?

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