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15 Quebec Lakes You’ve Never Visited But Definitely Should

Sparkling waters await you.
15 Quebec Lakes You’ve Never Visited But Definitely Should

I think the best times I ever had as a child was when I was at my cottage in the summertime. Spending time lounging on the dock, going tubing with my cousins, and swimming across the lake are some of the best memories I have.

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The reason for this of course was spending time with my family, but being able to do that on a lake just made things so much more fun and memorable. I loved the time I got to spend at my cottage, but there's also other ways to enjoy some lakeside relaxation this summer. You can visit a lake for a day, find a campground and pitch your tent beside a lake, or you can rent a cottage of your own for the weekend.

The options are endless this summer, but I definitely suggest making some of your best memories at a lake this summer either with family or with friends. You won't regret it one bit!

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Lakes To Swim In For A Day:

If you just have one day available this summer and you and your friends want to do something spontaneous and easy, then a lake day is just the right thing for you. Grab your friends and road trip out to these majestic lakes for a day of refreshing swimming, tanning and fun!

1. Brome Lake

via @daphnad

Distance From Montreal: 1 hour 8 mins

This sparkling lake is perfect for a day trip to take a refreshing dip. It's just over an hour away from Montreal making it super accessible for you and your friends to road trip to. You can bring your floaties and float the day away, tan on the sandy beach, or explore the surrounding museums, cafes and restaurants.

Don't forget to bring refreshments!

2. Meech Lake

via @salinaannibalini

via @jasminewh

Distance From Montreal: 2 hours 25 mins

Located in Gatineau Park, super close to Ottawa is this beautiful hidden lake! There's hiking trails attached to the North-East end of the lake where you'll find running rivers and waterfalls. There's two beaches equipped with picnic tables and docks perfect for tanning and picnics with your friends!

You must go for a refreshing dip in this lake this summer.

3. Lake Magog

via @sofiamarcogliese

Distance From Montreal: 1 hour 28 mins

This gorgeous lake in Quebec's Easter Townships is the perfect place to explore this summer. They have a sandy beach where you can enjoy a nice tan session and the town of Magog has lots of cute shops, restaurants and cafes to explore!

4. Lac Aux Araignées

via @zsabellemenard

Distance From Montreal: 2 hours 29 mins

This is one of the nicest beaches you'll find in Quebec. The sand is so soft and continues into the water giving this lake a sandy bottom that's easy to walk on! You'll find free parking, picnic areas, and a marshy area that's perfect for fishing.

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Lakes To Swim In Camp On:

If you want to plan a camping trip this summer, the best way to do it is to choose a camping spot on a lake. This way you'll be able to wake up and take a refreshing dip in the morning, who needs a real shower right?

1. Lac Superieur

via @albagabarro

Distance From Montreal: 1 hour 34 mins

Mont-Tremblant is the perfect location for lakeside camping. If you choose to camp here you have the option of so many lakes to choose from, 400 to be exact, but one of the best is Lake Superior. This calm, clear lake is so nice to wake up to in the morning and is the perfect temperature for swimming. Take hikes around the national park, explore the towns close by, and enjoy a classic camping trip in Quebec!

2. Hautes Gorges De La Rivieres Malbaie

via @sophie.videophoto

via @dichox

Distance From Montreal: 4 hours 42 mins

This national park has the most amazing view you can imagine. Hike to the peak of the main hiking trail and you'll find a breathtaking view of the river below you. Rent a canoe or kayak and you can see the expansive mountains above you. Either way, you'll never want to leave so bring your tents and camp here for the weekend!

3. Jacques Cartier National Park

via @kinpell

via @zoeleri

Distance From Montreal: 3 hours

There's so much to at this national park if you choose to camp here. You can rent a stand up paddle board and enjoy time of the water, hike to the peak of the mountains and see the breathtaking views, rent mountain bikes and race down the hills, or rent an inner tube and just float! Whatever you choose this lake is the perfect summer getaway.

4. Stoneham et Tewkesbury

via @spreadthestoke_

via @audreylep

Distance From Montreal: 3 hours 6 mins

This lake is so amazing for campers to visit because they offer so many great things. You can bring your own tent or you can rent Huttopia tents already set up in the area for a luxurious camping option. They offer unreal mountain views, kayaking and canoeing, mountain biking, and tons of hiking trails!

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Lakes To Rent A Cottage On:

Summer is the perfect time to escape with your friends, and if you aren't the camping types, cottages are the way to go. You won't have to spend your entire weekend roughing it outdoors but you still get to experience all the nature.

1. Lac Ouimet

via @mrmeej

Distance From Montreal: 1 hour 32 mins

Located in Mont-Tremblant this little private lake is home to some adorable cottages to rent. Search up this lake anytime during the summer and you're sure to find a cottage to rent for the weekend with your friends. Spend some time splashing in the water, canoeing on in the serenity of the mornings, or just chilling on the dock tanning!

2. Saint- Irénée

via @gemamama

Distance From Montreal: 4 hours 4 mins

You can find some beautiful cottages to rent on this lake on Airbnb, and the past ones that were available haven't been more than $150/night, split with all your friends of course. Escape for the weekend on this secluded lake getaway!

3. Lac Saint-Jean

via @g.plantin

Distance From Montreal: 4 hours 40 mins

Airbnb has some amazing deals on cottages on this lake right now, so choose your weekend and get booking! This lake is so serene and secluded you'll feel like you escaped into another world. Enjoy swimming in the blue waters, canoeing around the calm shoreline, and dozing off on the dock!

4. Blue Sea Lake

via @balfourphotography

Distance From Montreal: 3 hours 28 mins

Even the name of this lake sounds majestic, just wait until you get here. Blue Sea Lake has some of the clearest, crystal blue water you've ever seen. Lucky for you, there's tons of cottages for rent there! Almost all of them come equipped with docks and muskoka chairs for full relaxation. You won't be disappointed with this weekend vacation.

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