12 Montreal Bars You Absolutely Need To Go To For A Chill AF Night Out

When you'd rather relax than dance on a bar.
12 Montreal Bars You Absolutely Need To Go To For A Chill AF Night Out

Not all nights out are made equal. Sometimes you hit the club with the intention of dancing the night away, sometimes you discover great live music, and sometimes you end up on St. Laurent street in the $2 chow mein line with no recollection of how you got there.

While a wild night out is definitely necessary once in a while, sometimes you just want to hit the town without going too crazy. Sometimes, you'd rather sit back in a booth, have a few drinks with your friends, and admire the scenery. So, if a chilled out Friday night is in order, trust that these Montreal bars will create the perfect setting.

1. Fitzroy

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Fitzroy is already a staple on the Montreal nightlife scene, and it's pretty much the perfect spot for a chill night out. Best of all, if you have friends who are hesitant because they'd rather turn up, Fitzroy works well for both: the quieter of your crew can head to the pool tables with a beer, and the rowdier friends can hang by the bar with a cocktail and great tunes.


2. Bar Bifteck

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3702 Boul St-Laurent

Two things: $12 pitchers and free popcorn. Need I say more? Bifteck is a go-to spot to grab a drink with your friends, given its proximity to the rest of St. Laurent's nightlife, and its cheap prices and fun atmosphere. Enjoy a night out in an unpretentious environment, and go ahead and indulge yourself on unlimited, endlessly salty free popcorn.


3. Le Reservoir

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9 Avenue Duluth E

Le Reservoir is my go-to place for an after dinner drink. They brew their own beer (the Pilsner is my favourite), and they have a great open-concept rooftop terrasse. You can easily stay here all night, or enjoy a drink before you head to your next location. I've also heard that it's quite popular for an after-party drink or two, so really either way, Le Reservoir is great for any kind of vibe or nighttime plans.


4. Notre Dame Des Quilles

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32 Rue Beaubien E

Featuring cheap drinks, great bar food, and an actual mini bowling alley, Notre Dame Des Quilles is pretty much built for a relaxed, but super fun night out. A popular spot for big groups of friends, this is a place everyone will agree on. You can choose to relax at your table and order another round, or if you're feeling up to it, challenge someone to a game of drunken bowling. What could be better?


5. Terrasse St-Ambroise

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5080 Rue Saint-Ambroise

Aside from the great scenery and relaxing environment, what makes Terrasse St-Ambroise so chill is that you can literally bike right up to it from the Lachine Canal, and there are usually tons of bikers relaxing with a beer. So, whether you need a place to reward yourself after a long day exploring the canal, or you just want to enjoy a chill terrasse in a great setting, St-Ambroise is an ideal choice.


6. Else's

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156 Rue Roy East

I absolutely love Else's, and if you've ever been there, I'm sure you agree. The ambiance is so friendly and welcoming, and the whimsical decor gives it a fun, eccentric edge that makes this neighbourhood bar feel like an instant favourite. From their affordable cocktails (their mojitos are on point) and delicious comfort food, you really can't go wrong on a chill night out if you choose to spend it at Else's.


7. NextDoor Pub & Grill

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5175 Rue Sherbrooke O

So, NextDoor Pub has a 29-cent wing night on Sundays - clear your calendars friends, this is not a drill. Although it's usually packed on any given weekend night, Next Door Pub is still a super chill place that will keep you coming back again and again. Between the amazing food and flowing pitchers, you won't be disappointed.


8. Arcade MTL

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2031 Rue Saint-Denis

A few beers and endless arcade games basically screams 'chill night out', so keep Arcade MTL in your arsenal for when you're looking for a relaxed, unique bar experience. A great place to take a date, or just a few friends, Arcade MTL has laid back written all over it.


9. Honey Martin

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5916 Rue Sherbrooke O

A classic Irish pub experience in an intimate, cozy environment, Honey Martin is a great relaxed setting that will make you feel right at home. An NDG favourite, this bar creates an ambiance that's equal parts chill as it is fun and welcoming.


10. Ping Pong Club

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5788 Boul St-Laurent

It's so easy to wile away an afternoon or an evening at Ping Pong Club, where the many games, the great music, and the fresh decor will keep you and your crew happy for hours and hours. If you've never been here, you definitely need to rally your friends and try it out - once you do, this could quickly become your go-to chill drinking spot.


11. Dieu Du Ciel

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29 Avenue Laurier Ouest

Boasting tasty craft beers, a great terrasse, and fun times all around, Dieu Du Ciel is a widely loved bar that has a following for a reason. If you're in the area, make this bar your new hangout spot, and bring your friends along, because you'll need people to help you try all of the awesome craft beer flavours.


12. Waverly

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5550 Boul St-Laurent

A popular Mile-End spot, Waverly hits the marks all around. It has a cute hipster ambiance, a fun atmosphere, a wide drink selection, and a decently sized summer terrasse. You just can't go wrong with a chill night out here, and if you feel like turning it up a little bit after a few drinks, you can definitely do it at Waverly. Ultimately, this bar is guaranteed to surpass your expectations for a chill night out.


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