12 Montreal Girls With Badass Jobs

12 Montreal Girls With Badass Jobs

If you chose the conventional education system, then you'll probably end up with an MBA, Phd of Medicine, or an LLB. Doesn't that just sound predictable? Others call it safe. Don't get me wrong, those are amazing professions and props to you for accomplishing those goals- but how about the rest of us who decided to follow a dream instead? Let's not forget Montreal's ranked #5 best city in the world for female entrepreneurs.

You know how much we Montreal girls pride ourselves on being untraditional. These girls took that to another level and have made it to the list of top 12 of Montreal's most Badass B!tches who are killing it in the game.

Photo Creds - Eugenie Bouchard

1. Eugenie Bouchard

A Genie out of the bottle. At the age of just 21 years old, she is ranked no.48 in the world of the Women's Tennis Rankings Association. She is also the FIRST Canadian to have reached the finals of a Grand Slam in singles, at the Wimbledon games last year. and she just got her driver's license...#Genieforthewin

Photo Creds - Alfee Kaufman

2.  Alfee Kaufman

Real Estate Princess working under Sotheby's International Realty. She has a degree from McGill University and joined forces with the biggest female name in the business, Liza Kaufman (who also happens to be her mother). In just a couple years in to the real estate game, Alfee is already bringing in million dollar deals and she's just getting started.

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Photo Creds - Gabrielle Cosentino

3. Gabrielle Cosentino

The next IT model to follow. She's in her early 20's, and is already signed with Maven Models management. She was featured in Teen Vogue, and has international modelling gigs. Pretty cool job to live the life of a model all day.

Check out her blog here

Photo Creds - Tara Asfour

4. Tara Asfour

She kicks ass in a ring full of men. Tara is theowner of BESTIA Fight Gear, a Montreal based mixed Martial Arts equipment that features innovative designs and products with high quality at competitive prices. She sells Martial Arts fitness equipment to MMA leaders and some of the BEST in the game...yup, hands down the most badass girl job there is.

Check out her website here

and Instagram @bestiagear

Photo Creds - Fafa Khan

5. Fafa Khan

She's a bad ass b!tch who does it all. Known foremost as an international DJ, you've probably spotted her at Buonanotte on Friday nights. She's got the craziest sets you'll ever hear. Fafa is also a Graphic Designer, social network strategist for Buenanotte group, and a model. Talk about multitasking at its finest.

Check out her mixes here

and website here

Photo Creds - Sabrina Cassis

6. Sabrina Cassis

A girl who owns a lingerie brand? Pretty fvcking cool. Sabrina saw a hole in the market, and filled it up with the sexiest, laciest pieces of silk you've ever seen. ALICE KASS lingerie is not just a brand, but also a movement for women today. She took classy, made it sexy, and added a bunch of hot models to parade in her pieces.

Go shopping directly here

Photo Creds - Vanessa de Montigny

7. Vanessa de Montigny

The most charming internet personality. A Columnist at CIBL Radio-Canada, Content Editor for Narcity Montreal and Writer for MTL Blog. If that doesn't impress you, she's also on her way to writing a book... Stay tuned for the Montigny Heights.

Check out more information here

Photo Creds - Miss me

8. Miss Me

How can we not? This girl is so cool her identity remains anonymous, and she stays famous. Montreal Street artist, feminist and jazz singer. She is artfully vandalizing every city that comes her way...and she's here to stay.

Check out her crazy site here

Follow her Instagram here

Photo Creds - @teayou

9. Tiffany Youssef

@teayou madness. She graduated from Lasalle College in Fashion design and has made a mark on her city ever since. She has exploded internationally, known for her body-con and string designs, which have become her signature look over the years. Celebrities such as the Kardashian clan and models love wearing her stuff and are flaunting it everywhere on Instagram. Check it out here.

Shop online here

Photo Creds - Annie Deir

10. Annie Deir

What's up Montreal? Rings a bell. Annie is a Montreal based freelance multimedia journalist. She graduated from McGill University, and has worked with some of the biggest names in the city, including Montreal Gazette and CBC News.

Check out her Blog here

Photo Cred - The Main

11. Emily Robertson

An artistic junkie at heart. Emily has been working as an art consultant for several years, until she opened her own in 2013. She is the co-director/owner of Station 16 Gallery. Located at 3525 Rue St Laurent, right in front of Buenanotte... oh yeah that place that looks like a lounge but is always closed! (yeah it's closed since you're only there passed 11 pm at night). Go check it out, it's insane.

More information here

Photo Creds - Montrealgirlgeeks

12. Sarah Blow

#MGG. Owner of Montreal Girl Geeks, an offshoot of the worldwide Girl Geek Dinners, they make tech, skills accessible to women of all age groups and backgrounds. Embrace your geekiness ladies, and join the movement.

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