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12 Montreal Jobs That Will Be Replaced By Robots In The Next 5 Years

You might be out of work soon.
12 Montreal Jobs That Will Be Replaced By Robots In The Next 5 Years

I know it sounds cliché, but the future is here.

Just the other day I walked into a McDonald's on Decarie and instead of ordering from an actual person I selected and customized my meal on a touch screen, then I picked it up at the counter.

That's when I realized it was actually happening: Robots are taking over our jobs!

And it's not just fast food workers, according to experts, the jobs that are the most repetitive and require the least amount of decision making are the most likely to be replaced by robots. That means jobs such as Therapists, Repairmen and Surgeons won't be replaced anytime soon, but the following jobs are the one that are the most likely to be replaced by robots in the near future.

1. Bank Tellers

Think about how many of them have already lost their jobs to ATMs already.

2. Fastfood Workers

It's already happening!

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3. Chauffeurs / Taxi

Automated cars and taxis are only a few years away.

4. Loan Officers

Again, risk assessment is already mostly calculated by robots. And your income, expenses and debt are already all online.

5. Data Entry

I've done this job and I felt like a robot the whole time I was doing it.

6. Library Technicians

I'm not 100% sure what they do besides tell people to be quiet.

7. Tax Preparers

Turbotax ... bitch.

Photo cred - wisegeek

8. Order Clerks

I don't know about you, but I much prefer ordering from a website than having to talk to a real person.

9. Brokerage Clerks

They're just glorified calculators.

10. Watch Repairers

Another job that requires reception and very little thought.

11. Telemarketers

I doubt many people will be at this one.

12. Bartenders

But who will talk to the barflies?

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