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12 Montreal Mothers Who Get Sh!t Done ln The City

They make it look easy.
12 Montreal Mothers Who Get Sh!t Done ln The City

We don't give enough credit to the women out there who not only take care of their children at home BUT who also have a successful career and a husband to cater to. I've watched my mother do it growing up, and I can't say it enough - you are the real superheroes.

Incase you didn't think it was possible - here's the proof. A list of Montreal moms who hustle, bring home the dough, and raise children all at once. Hats off to the Supermoms!

Tatiana Londono

The mastermind behind London Realties, Tatiana has been a broker for over 10 years, and is recognized as one of the leading agents in Montreal. Her company employs over 120 brokers - and to top it all off she also has two children at home.


Elisa Dahan

@infashionated. Creative Director at Mackage, the Montreal based fashion house of outerwear for men and women.


photo cred - @danii_jo

Danielle Otou

The head behind Female Department, a Montreal based online retail store dedicated to women fashion. Founder of Brunch in the City.



Sonia Zarbatany Elmaleh

Fashion is her middle name. Sonia is the Executive Vice President for fashion powerhouses Vince Camuto, Sanctuary Clothing, Anonyme and a life coach and motivational speaker. All that under the age of 40, with a husband and baby girl at home.


Sarah Brédas

#MILF Status. Sarah has been an independent Distributor for J.F Rey Eyewear Design in the Montreal region for over a decade. She works around the clock, with three children to take care of back at home.

Ylenia Atlan

Ylenia is the (hottest) Banking Advisor at Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) Monkland branch. She can manage your money and look good doing it.


Val Desjardins

#GirlBoss. Val runs the show as a Fitness Professional/Personal Trainer PUMP Fitness MTL working out of Adrenaline Performance Centre (APC).



Jenny Benattar

Owner at Rouge Nail Bar.


Felicie Hubert

A hair/makeup artist working in the fashion/commercial photography for over 10 years. Felicie is the proud owner of Studio La Luz along with business partner Pascale Therien, offering "magazine like" photo sessions for all women. She is also a busy mom of three!


Julie Etienne

MlleJulles. The famous lifestyle blogger and fashionista.



@Mariloubiz. Blogger and Founder of "Trois fois par jour"


photo cred - @ericabdiamond

Erica Diamond

Founder of Women on the Fence and HadryCo


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