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12 Montreal Poutines You Need To Eat This Spring 2016

To brighten your days.
12 Montreal Poutines You Need To Eat This Spring 2016

Okay, straight up, it's poutine season. I know I say that a lot - because, truthfully, every season is poutine season - but there's just something about springtime in Montreal that makes you crave a poutine. And, sure, a classic poutine is awesome and all... but sometimes, you want something fresher. Something smokier. Something that straight up evokes the feelings of spring in Montreal. Confused as to what I'm talking about? Well, don't be. Read on for 12 Montreal Poutines You Need To Eat This Spring 2016.

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1. Poutine Centrale's La Jacqueline

3971 Rue Hochelaga

Alright, on first glance, Poutine Centrale's Jacqueline poutine might seem super decadent and maybe better for the winter. But actually, nope. This work of art features sour cream, cheddar, bacon, and green onions, all atop a bed of Poutine Centrale's delicious gravy, cheese curds, and fries. That combination is the perfect mix of sharp, fresh spring flavours and cozy, warm deliciousness - for the slightly chillier Montreal spring days, of course.


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2. La Banquise's La Hot-Dog

994 Rue Rachel E

Okay, straight up, La Banquise is pretty much poutine bae at this stage in the game. Everyone knows it; everyone loves it; it's amazing. And their hot dog poutine? Out of this world. While it might be a more simple poutine - it's one of their classics, for sure - the hot dog and poutine combo is clean, simple, and straight up yummy. Just like spring, friends. Just like spring.


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3. Garde-Manger's Lobster Poutine

408 Rue Saint-François-Xavier

I don't know about you guys, but springtime is pretty much around the time I start craving seafood. If seafood has been on your palate recently as well, then you know you've got to check out Garde-Manger for their super popular, super famous, super delicious Lobster Poutine. It's on a whole other level of delicious, friends. Anything I say just straight up will not do it justice. Get yourself there and try it this spring; just trust me on this.


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4. Dirty Dogs' So Cal Poutine

25 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

Although Dirty Dogs' Mac n' Cheese Poutine is pretty much the star of their poutine show, their So Cal poutine? OMG, amazing. And pretty much the perfect springtime dish. Featuring spicy their signature delicious poutine sauce, french fries, and cheese curds, and topped with jalapeno sauce, sour cream - among others - this brings in the perfect amount of kick and comfort for springtime.


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5. La Banquise's La Trois Viandes

994 Rue Rachel E

Okay, straight up, this dish reminds me so much of a full-on sugar shack buffet, it's crazy. other than featuring three delicious meats - ground beef, pepperoni, and bacon - to create a meaty, delicious dish that will definitely make your springtime as bright and happy as can be.


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6. Burger Bar Crescent's Hangover Poutine

1465 Rue Crescent

Ah, Burger Bar's Hangover Poutine. I have so many fond memories of this dish. But seriously, other than being the perfect cure for your hangover, this dish is pretty much the quintessential spring poutine. With fresh and tasty ingredients like balsamic glazed mushrooms, truffle oil, and a fried egg for good (sunny) measure, you know this one will brighten your day.


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7. Le Gras Dur's Tousqui

1660 Rue Jarry E

Okay, seriously? This spot is awesome. Their poutines in general are great, but Le Gras Dur's Tousqui poutine is pretty much a show-stopper. It features everyone's favourite cheese curds-gravy-french fries combo, with the added delicious topping of smoked sausage, braised cabbage, and chicken schnitzel. And this bright, braised, smoky combination of goodies pretty much screams "delicious springtime delight" to me, friends.


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8. Jukebox Burgers' Pulled Pork Poutine

11798 Boulevard de Salaberry

Real talk, I have a legit obsession with the poutines at Jukebox. Their poutine sauce is totally out of this world amazing, and when you combine it with their fresh fries and cheese curds? You get pure magic. Of course, their Pulled Pork Poutine is basically adding a little dash of awesome onto a bed of perfect - featuring their standard poutine topped with pulled pork, this dish is sure to remind you of your favourite pork-filled, sugar shack meal.


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9. Mâche's BBP

1655 Rue Saint-Denis

This comfort food restaurant is seriously awesome, and their poutines? Simply amazing. Their BBP is particularly delicious, and has the added bonus of being pretty much spring in a bowl. With braised bacon, peas, and ground beef, this poutine pretty much sounds like it belongs on a table in a sugar shack somewhere in Quebec. Luckily it's available right here in Montreal - and it's so good that you're going to want to get yourself some, ASAP.


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10. Paulo Et Suzanne's La Jardiniere

5501 Boul Gouin O

I don't know about you guys, but whenever I think of springtime, I think of one word: Fresh. Everything is vibrant and awesome, and Paulo Et Suzanne's Jardiniere poutine - featuring fresh and crisp peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, and more - is pretty much spring in a poutine. New fave? Found


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11. Chez Claudette's Sucré-Salé

351 Avenue Laurier E

Okay, straight up, Chez Claudette is amazing. Their poutines in general are awesome - their ingredients are fresh, their portions are huge, and their fries? OMG, amazing - but something about their Sucré-Salé screams springtime to me. This poutine features the awesome fries, gravy, and cheese curds combination, but then adds the deliciousness of Pogos, onion rings, and honey, giving this dish a whole new layer of depth and reminding pretty much everyone of, say, their favourite salty/sweet meal at the cabane a sucre. All the yums? You bet.


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12. Mange-Moi's La Californienne

35 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

Ah, nothing screams spring quite like the magical combination of avocado, corn, and chicken. Seriously, is there anything fresher and more delightful? To really drive the point home, this delicious poutine masterpiece is called La Californienne, which evokes images of beautiful weather, tans, and fun. Know what else evokes that very same mental image? That's right, friends. Spring.


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