12 Montreal Restaurants She Actually Wants You To Take Her To

Here's a date she won't be able to say no to.
12 Montreal Restaurants She Actually Wants You To Take Her To

The common rule of dating consists of the man taking the initiative and asking the woman out on a date. It's also the norm for the man to pick the location of the date.

But wouldn't it be nice if we, girls got the chance to decide where we wanted to go eat? I mean, don't get me wrong - some men do ask out of politeness, others even go with the flow and wait for you to suggest one - but most dominant alpha males will tell you "I'm picking you up for 8 pm, be ready".

So next time you decide to surprise your lady with a night out on the town, here's where she really wants you to take her. How do I know? Because we're all the same at the end of the day...

Da Emma

777 Rue de la Commune O

Located in the Old Montreal, this very romantic and elegant Italian gem is the perfect place for a night out. She'll especially love the outside terrace during the summer. It's the most romantic spot if you haven't gone already.

Être avec toi (E.A.T)

901 Square Victoria

The new restaurant inside the W Hotel located in Square Victoria. The food is mouth watering, and they've got shareable platters which is perfect to try out for the first time.


312 St Paul O

Located on St Paul street, in the middle of the action, neighbouring Bocata (another very romantic spot), Spanish restaurant Barroco's ambiance is sexy and seductive.


1504 Rue Sherbrooke O

By far the best upscale Italian restaurant in Montreal. It's located right after Guy on Sherbrooke street O. The ambience is inviting, the decor screams luxury and the dishes are simply exquisite. The crowd is so elite you'll most likely run into a celebrity staying in Montreal to film a movie (I have every time I go). It's also very private and can make for a great intimate setting for a date.

Chasse et Pêche

423 Rue Saint-Claude

Le Club. This haute-gamme eatery has got everything on the menu to have you keep coming back for more: from their signature piglet braised risotto with foie gras to the tastiest caramel bomb dessert.

photo creds - Grinder


1708 Rue Notre-Dame O

Everyone knows Grinder is THE spot for first dates. Matter of fact, you've probably taken a few of your dates there and if you did, that means you know what you're doing. Grinder has got a great mood any and every night of the week. The music is just loud enough that you can hear your thoughts, but won't feel awkward in a moment of silence.


361 Rue Saint Paul E

If you're bringing your girl to Bremner, she'll be so satisfied she'll do anything you want once you get back home (yes...anything) . It's like the foodgasms of foodporn. How do you explain the halibut chowder, scallop crud0, and those insane pancakes? You don't, you need to experience it for yourself.

Jellyfish Crudo

626 Marguerite d'Youville

It's new and it's got everyone talking. The ambiance is warm, the lights are low, and the food is exceptionally tasty. All goals for a night out.

Maison Boulud

1228 Sherbrooke O

Meet me at the Ritz-Cartlon.


438 St Jacques

With its artistic decor, Harlow does everything it should to keep you coming back for more.


288 Laurier O

Located right off Parc on Laurier street, this very small and intimate sushi restaurant is the ultimate date spot. Your girl has probably been there before for a girls night or a friends birthday. If not, surprise her with a wine and dine - you won't regret it.


1184 Place Phillips

Save the best for last. The ambiance is welcoming, and constantly busy no matter what day of the week you choose to go. The terrace in the summer is worth the look - located on the right side of the restaurant, on the outdoor layout. It's got everything for a perfect night out.

But truth is, what every girl wants even more than dressing up and going for a fancy dinner is to put on a pair of sweats, tie her hair up in a bun and order some pizza, but we won't tell you that...

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