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12 Montreal Restaurants You And Your BFF Absolutely Need To Treat Yourselves To ASAP

You and your BFF probably worked super hard this summer and let's be honest, I think it's time that you treat yourselves to some well earned delicious food. Well, Montreal is home to some of the most unique restaurants that offer some fantastic dishes.

I suggest treating yourselves to some of these crazy good restaurants in Montreal for some even crazier and delightful food. I promise you that it's worth the money! I mean there's no better way to spend your money than on yourself and food anyways!

1. You Must Treat Yourselves To Some Lobster From Chez Delmo

A photo posted by t_wolfgang (@t_wolfgang) on

275 Rue Notre-Dame O

If you absolutely adore lobster, then you and your BFF should definitely head down to Chez Delmo for a gourmet lobster experience. They don't only serve regular lobster dishes but they also offer lobster rolls; lobster salad; Lobster Newberg, Lobster Thermidor, and a whole lot more.


2. You Must Treat Yourselves To A Chocolate Bomb From C’ChoColat

A video posted by Big Moe™ | Montreal (@bigmoeinc) on

1255 Rue Bishop

Ah yes, the famous chocolate bomb is 100% a desert that you and your BFF need to treat yourselves to! Not only is i super amazing to watch like in the video above, but it is also crazy good! This is a chocolate shop in downtown Montreal that is made for those sweet lovers!


3. You Must Treat Yourselves To Unique Japanese Sushi From Jun I

A photo posted by @restaurant_juni on

156 Laurier W

For some high cass unique sushi, II suggest treating you and your BFF to some Japanese sushi! At Jun I they offer a selection of appetizers, sashimi, and makis. This sure is a one of a kind restaurant that you should forsure treat yourselves to!


4. You Must Treat Yourselves To Fondue From La Fonderie

A photo posted by Veronika (@veronika_kanadskaya) on

964 Rue Rachel E

La Fonderie is located in the Plateau area and has been a staple in Montreal for decades. Their fondue takes deliciousness to a whole new level whether you enjoy cheese or chocolate fondue this is definitely the place for you to splurge on yourself a little.


5. You Must Treat Yourselves To Fish Tacos From Terrasse Nelligan

A photo posted by Emily Draicchio (@emdrakemtlblog) on

106 Rue Saint Paul O

My personal favorite terrasse happens to be Terrasse Nelligan located in the heart of Old Montreal. It is absolutely stunning and their fish tacos are so delightful. I suggest treating you and your BFF to a superb time with some fantastic fish tacos.


6. You Must Treat Yourselves To General Tao Poutine From Sesame

A photo posted by ❥Maude bellefleur (@maudebellefl) on

Multiple Locations

For a combination of two amazing cultures, I suggest checking out Sesame for their fantastic General Tao poutine that won't disappoint your taste buds!


7. You Must Treat Yourselves To Some Cheesecake From Reuben’s Deli

A photo posted by Cliff Youn (@ccyoun) on

1116 Rue Ste-Catherine O

For some sweet sweet cheesecake I definetly recommend heading to Reuben's! Their flavors range from your classic strawberry-topped to a mango puree variety. Their cheesecakes in general are superb and must be tried asap by you and your BFF.


8. You Must Treat Yourselves To Some Mac And Cheese From Macbar Et Fromage

A photo posted by chloe desjardins (@chloe_kathryn) on

1345 Rue Ontario Est

For that perfect Mac and Cheese dish that we all crave, the Macbar is the place for you since it specializes in one thing: macaroni and cheese. This is definitely worth treating yourselves.


9.  You Must Treat Yourselves To Chocolate From Fous Desserts

A photo posted by Samia Ferdous (@samiaferdous) on

809 Avenue Laurier E

Fous Desserts is a little pastry shop and chocolatier located in the Mile End. They make some of the best chocolates that I have ever tasted! You will honestly fall in love with their sweets!

10. Treat Yourselves To The Best Brunch Ever From Le Passé Composé

A photo posted by Jocelyn Micallef (@jadorejocelyn) on

950 Roy E

Le Passé Composé is as classy brunch that people love for the Instas and for their deliciousness. They offer homemade gnocci, pancetta chips, duck confit eggs Benedict, prosciutto grilled cheese, and much more that you and your BFF must try.


11. Treat Yourselves To Fried Dough From Mr.Puffs

A photo posted by Jason AKA Dim Sum Papi (@shutupandeatmtl) on

4879, Boul. Notre-Dame, Laval

Mr. Puffs is honestly totally worth the drive to Laval. I mean you and your BFF MUSTTT treat yourselves to their delicious deep fried dough balls that will make your mouths water!


12. Treat Yourselves To A Deep Dish Cookie From M:brgr

A photo posted by Montreal✨ ( on

2025 Rue Drummond

I mean honestly guys, it doesn't get much better than this. For under 20$ you and your BFF can treat yourselves to a fried cookie with melting sweet ice cream. If this isn't something that you would treat yourselves to than I don't know what is!


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