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12 Must-See Shows At Montreal's Fringe Festival 2014

Theatre, performance art, and everything in between!

Montreal's St-Ambroise Fringe Festival is a fun sort of yearly bacchian rite, one with eccentric and lively theatre and performance art pieces. The festival begins June 5th and runs throughout the month until the 22nd. Most of the events perform on multiple days throughout the month. The Fringe Fest is very inexpensive, with most events under 10$ and some for less than $2. Here's a little collection of some of the events that most caught my eye. See you there!

1. Talking Cock

Dates: June 12th-22nd @ The Wiggle Room

This show claims to be "equally entertaining for men and women". "Talking Cock is man's answer to The Vagina Monologues". "Four men share wit and wisdom as they take the audience on a comedic journey into the history and mystery of the human penis." "...I only wish it could have been longer!"-The Guardian

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2. Chlamydia dell'Arte: A Sex-Ed Burlesque

Dates: June 14th-16th, 19th, 20th, 22nd @ Petit Campus

Written and performed by Gigi Naglak and Meghann Williams, this is like no sex-ed class you've been to. In this one, you actually learn about "safe sex, sexual orientation, masturbation, and kink, through striptease, comedy, songs and dance"! Plus they've got a great tag line, "Come for the titillation; stay for the education!"

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3. God Is A Scottish Drag Queen II

Dates: June 13th, 15th, 18th, 20th-22nd @ Cabaret du Mile End

The much anticipated follow up to God Is A Scottish Drag Queen, Mike Delamont's one man comedy, is back to skewer everything from Mormon's to the iphone. Times Columnist calls the performance “A Cross Between Dame Edna & Billy Connolly with a dollop of Eddie Izzard".

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4. Bananaramallamadingdong

Dates: June 14th, 15th, 17th, 18th, 20th, and 21st @ Spanish Club Español

Montreal's sketch group Flapjack Cadillac have created Bananaramallamadingdong. "It's gonna get messy. It's gonna get weird. And you're gonna get banana'd". $2 off the $10 ticket price if you bring a banana.

Fringe link

5. A Bandolier of Dreams

Dates: June 12th, 14th, 15th, 17th-19th, 21st, 22nd @ Théâtre Ste-Catherine

Written by Mike Hughes and Matt Goldberg, directed by Dan Jeannotte, A Bandolier Of Dreams looks like a interesting improvised comedy. From the site, "Ineffable and unforgettable. Surreal and sublime. Crackers and wine". $2 off if you bring an autographed headshot.

Fringe link

6. Cherry Typhoon and her burlesque ninja

Dates: June 9th-11th, 13th-18th, 22nd @ The Wiggle Room

This funky "Cabaret Japonesque" features Japanese Burlesque Ninjas, "eye-popping cabaret," and is headlined by Cherry Typhoon, "an international award-winning Japanese burlesque performer". Written, directed, and choreographed by Cherry Typhoon and her burlesque ninja.

Fringe link

7. Johnny Legdick, A Rock Opera

Dates: June 13th-15th, 17th-19th, 21st, 22nd @ Théâtre Ste-Catherine

The name says it all. A man cursed with a leg for a d is sold to the circus. After finding true love, Johnny Legdick decides to escape the Suckadecocka circus, only that's easier said than done. After an oversold show in February, this show is back for Fringe, and despite a silly name, it has some real musical cred. You'll laugh, tear up, and ponder the mechanics of having a leg for a dick. Sample some songs here.

Fringe link

8. Curse of the Starving Class

Dates: June 14th-17th, 21st, 22nd @ Spanish Club Español

Written by Sam Shepard and directed by Robert Montcalm, this Obie Award-winning play is a sardonic "exploration of the American family psyche". The play focuses on a Californian farming family, the Tate's. The characters deal with aging, death, and the loss of their farm to debt and developers.

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9. Hardcastle & McCormick: Spiceface

Dates: June 13th-15th, 17th, 18th, 20th-22nd @ Théâtre Ste-Catherine

"A former race car driver turned thief has been put into the custody of a retired judge. In this caper they face a bold nemesis in Chalky Dulgar, a crime boss who wants control of Montreal’s spice racket. Will Hardcastle & McCormick be able to stop the weirdest criminal to hit Montreal? Probably." Obviously a must see. Written by Morgan O'Shea and George Braithwaite, directed by Dominique Gregoire.

Fringe link

10. High Tea

Dates: June 15th, 17th-20th, 22nd @ Cabaret du Mile End

"Life & Depth". James & Jamesy's new comedy. Bring a teacup for $2 off. "Complete and utter fun"- CBC. "A total laugh riot" -Montreal Gazette. "An irresistible delight." -StageDoor, Toronto. Written by James Brown & Jamesy Evans, directed by David MacMurray Smith.

Fringe link

11. Turning Tricks

Dates: June 7th, 9th-11th, 13th, 14th, 19th, 21st @ Cafe Cleopatra

Renowned Montreal burlesque troupe Glam Glam returns to Fringe with their new sexy/hilarious/all-together-entertaining show Turning Tricks that "combines nudity, camp and hilarity at its worst." Last year's Glam Glam production, The Little Beau Peep Show, was voted best play of 2013, so expect the same caliber of witty-nudity in this year's show.

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12. Roller Derby Saved My Soul

Dates: June 16th-19th, 21st, 22nd @ Théâtre MainLine Theatre

"A shy comic book geek discovers roller derby and finally becomes the superhero she's always wanted to be in this one-woman action-adventure comedy on wheels." ★★★★ - GlobalTV. "Skates straight into your heart." – Edmonton Journal. Critic’s Pick – Atlantic Fringe

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Source - Fringe Fest 2014

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