12 Of The Best Hostels In Canada

Affordable lodgings that are still beautiful.
12 Of The Best Hostels In Canada

Far too many Canadians venture outside of the country when travelling, forgetting the many amazing destinations that are already housed within the nation's borders. Canada has so much to offer travellers of every sort, including plenty of amazing-yet-affordable hostels to stay at while you traverse the country.

To help you hit up some of Canada's most popular tourist destinations/cities, we've assembled some of the best hostels available in the country. Most major cities (and some smaller ones) were included, but note that the list is far from exhaustive, so don't get riled when you don't see an Edmonton hostel featured.

We can say, however, that these are some of the best hostels in Canada, and should be on your radar the next time you're planning a trip.

Auberge Montreal/Youth Hostel Montreal

  • City: Montreal, QC

One of the most centrally located hostels in the city, Auberge Montreal puts you in walking distance of some major nightlife strips (Saint Laurent, Saint Denis, The Village, Saint Catherine) and the best park in the city, Parc La Fontaine. Combined with reasonable rates, well-equipped facilities (with free internet and a on-site resto), and plenty of info on local attractions, Auberge Montreal sets you up for a solid time Quebec's cultural capital.

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Planet Traveler Hostel

  • City: Toronto, ON

While there may be hostels closer to the urban core in Toronto, Planet Traveler Hostel gets a spot on this list for the fact that it isn't in the heart of downtown, instead placing you in an area filled with local venues and neighbourhoods more worth your time, while also being more affordable. Kensington Market is a short walk away, as is Chinatown, the Annex, and Little Italy, giving you all the flavours of the 6ix with none of the stresses of being further downtown. Plus, the building sports a pretty amazing view of the city from the rooftop lounge.

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SameSun Backpacker Hostels: Vancouver

  • City: Vancouver, BC

Visiting Vancouver pretty much demands that you go enjoy the natural splendour of British Columbia, and SameSun defintiely helps you do that, as the hostel has a focus on backpacking and outdoor activities. At the hostel, you'll be able to kick it in the urban setting of Vancouver, then easily head out to hiking trails and waterfronts right by the island. Pretty much the best of both worlds.

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Ocean Island Inn

  • City: Victoria, BC

Refurbishing a building constructed in the late 19the century, Ocean Island Inn fuses the old with the new for a pretty dynamic lodging space. With a wide array of rooms and plenty of offered tours and activities (with discounts), the hostel can accommodate pretty much any type of traveler. One pretty sweet feature all will enjoy is the hostel's very own cafe, which has beer on tap, live music, and hosts regular events to mingle with other travellers.

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Auberge Festive Sea Shack

  • City: Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, QC

A party-hostel in every respect, the Sea Shack actually gives you a solid reason to check out the parts of Quebec that aren't Montreal. With shows/parties three times a week (or pretty much always during the summer) and equipped with their own ocean-side bar, the Sea Shack provides you with everything you need to rage in scenic setting. You can also go check out the nearby Gaspesie National Park if you're not feeling to hungover, with tours organized by the hostel.

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Wicked Hostel

  • City: Calgary, Alberta

If you're heading to Calgary, Wicked Hostel is your very best option, hands down. Seriously, the amount of free stuff they include into their rates is staggering, like laundry, printing, WiFi, breakfast (Nutella included), and more. The room prices are a tad higher than other hostels, however, but it's well worth the extra five or ten dollars.

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  • City: Whistler, BC

Originally built to house incoming athletes during the 2010 Winter Olympics, HI-Whistler is a hostel designed to accommodate those looking to hit the slopes when visiting BC's premiere skiing/snowboarding destination. Nicer than most hostels (and even hotels) without the added price, HI-Whistler also has their own cafe, so you can get beer, wine, cider, and food (if you're into that) all day and all night.

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City Hostel

  • City: St. John's, NL

With the waterside literally always in sight, and only a short walk away, the views afforded to those who stay at City Hostel in St. John's are truly amazing. Granted, the city has plenty of vantage points for stunning oceanic vistas, but this hostel also puts you in close proximity to George Street, St. John's most popular commercial strip.

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  • City: Whitehorse, YT

While the Yukon might not be on the top of many Canadian's must-travel list, the territory offers a lot more than most people think, especially when it comes to scenic summer landscapes. And if you are heading to the Yukon, Whitehorse is the place to be, with BeezKneezBakpackers being the ideal hostel to stay in. With a warm and inviting atmosphere, and a staff to match, BeezKneez will do everything it can to ensure you time in Whitehorse is both pleasant and memorable.

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Ottawa Jail Hostel

  • City: Ottawa, ON

Have you ever slept in a jail? Hopefully not (no judgement if you have), but if you're looking to try it out, Ottawa Jail Hostel gives you the chance without the mark on your criminal record. Repurposing the Carleton County Gaol which closed in 1972, The Ottawa Jail Hostel is equal parts gimmicky and great, as you're staying in a legit piece of history that also happens to be a modern and well-equipped hostel. Tours of the jail are offered by the management team, and you won't be far from checking out everything else Ottawa has to offer thanks to the hostel's downtown location.

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Banff International Hostel

  • City: Banff, AB

Keeping it simple in the best way, Banff International Hostel gives you what you want when you're visiting the Rocky Mountain city, namely cheap rates, a central location, and proximity to the slopes. Located a literal two-minute walk from a Banff bus route that takes you Canmore and Sulphur Mountain, along with the Banff Upper Hot Springs, you probably won't be spending much time in your room, but you'll love the homey atmosphere of the hostel when you're fiending sleep from a day out on the mountains.

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Heritage House Hostel

  • City: Halifax

Bustling in the summer with festivals and rich in history, Halifax makes for a prime vacation destination, with the Heritage House Hostel being your best bet for a good time. Nestled in the urban core of the city, Heritage House Hostel puts you in walking distance from Halifax's many restaurants and bars (there are a lot) plus the many historical sites to check out. Adding to the fun is the fact that you're staying in a +160 year old building, meaning you'll be sleeping in a literal piece of history.

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