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12 Types Of People You Will 100% Encounter At Montreal's Tam-Tams

All walks of life are welcome and present at one of the city's most iconic outdoor hangouts.
12 Types Of People You Will 100% Encounter At Montreal's Tam-Tams

Photo Cred - abdallahh

Simply put, Tam-Tams is one of our favourite events in Montreal. Every Sunday, Montrealers from around the city gather near the Sir George-Étienne Cartier monument in Mount Royal park for an afternoon of dancing, drumming, LARPing, and more. There are lots of different people at this event, but they tend to fall in a few categories. We here at MTL Blog have done the research (meaning we like to hang out at Tam-Tams), and we’re providing you with a guide to the sorts of folks you can find there on a typical Sunday afternoon. Here are 10 types of people you’ll see at Tam-Tams.

1. The Hippie

This guy might feel out of place in contemporary society on a day-to-day basis, but Sundays in the park are his time to shine. He loves gathering with his fellow corporation-rejecting brethren for a hedonistic afternoon in the outdoors filled with drum circles, hacky-sack, and plenty of ganja. You can usually spot him banging away on a makeshift percussion instrument, or executing some sort of dance-like maneuver while one of his fellow hippies drops a beat.

2. The Hipster

Unlike the hippie and the stoner, this girl has a steady job, but she needs to go to events like Tam-Tams to keep herself from thinking that she’s sold out. Sure, she’s a corporate lawyer five days a week, but if she goes to punk shows at Casa del Popolo and gets high in the park on Sundays, than she’s still cool, right?

3. The Stoner

He has one purpose during Tam-Tams—getting as high as possible. As you’ll find out in just a bit, there are plenty of people standing around to help him achieve his goal. Not only that, but he’s in the perfect environment for him to indulge in his habit, since he’ll be surrounded by fellow stoners, as well as people who don’t smoke all that often (but Tam-Tams!). You’ll probably find him lying on the grass, trying to get the most out of his high.

4. The Naive University Student

She mostly just came to tan in the park, and she had no idea that there’d be LARPers and pot brownies involved. Even though she didn’t know what she was getting herself into, she’s down for whatever, because she’s just trying to get a taste of the Montreal experience. After Tam-Tams, you can find her waiting to get into Schwartz’s, because it’s just so MTL.

5. The Dealer

Thanks to people like the hippie and the stoner, this guy does his best business of the week at Tam-Tams. He’s primarily pushing pot, either in smokable or edible form, but you can probably get something harder from him if you know how to ask. You can find him making the rounds around Tam-Tams, especially in the sketchy forested area, doing his best to identify as many potential clients as possible.

6. The Parent

You’d think they’d be taking care of their newborn at home—but no! They brought their infant son to Tam-Tams, because what could be better for a baby than an afternoon in the blazing sun surrounded by drugs (lots of things, but we won’t tell them if you don’t)? They care about their child, but they care even more about getting a tan and being able to relax in the park, both of which Tam-Tams is perfect for.

7. The Circus Folk

This chick is here to practice her balance--and show off some sick tricks in the process. She's not going to get high at Tams, because she needs all of the concentration she can possibly muster to stay on the tightrope, and besides, this slackliner/contortionist/hula-hoopist is naturally in a stoned state of mind anyway. You can find her between two trees, pulling off some shit that looks pretty cool but you've always been too terrified to try yourself.

8. The Helpless Child

This kid didn’t choose to be at Tam-Tams, but she’s here, regardless. Her parents promised her that she could have ice cream for dinner if she’d spend the afternoon with Mommy and Daddy in the park. Of course, they didn’t tell her about all of the pot smoke, blazing hot sun, and LARPers, but everyone forgets about a few details here and there, right? You can find her telling herself that it’ll all be worth it, because ice cream.

9. The Bro

He was so hungover from the night before that he barely made it, but he threw on a pair of shorts and kicked out the girl whose name he’d already forgotten in time to come and chill with his bros. He didn’t even need to worry about putting on a shirt, because he’s been lifting a lot lately, and he wanted to show off his pecs. He’ll be tossing a football/Frisbee around and doing his best to check out girls’ asses without getting noticed.

10. The Nerd/LARPer

This dude loves Tam-Tams, because he doesn’t have to be afraid to let his freak flag fly. He can LARP away his Sundays with fellow nerds, hacking away at them with his cardboard sword. Even if his arms get cut off, he’s just happy to hang out with other geeks and revel in their love of D&D.

11. The Spiritual Evangelist

She came out to Tam-Tams to save as many souls as she can. She'll go around from group to group, telling anyone who'll listen about how moon phases will impact their karma. You can find her chatting up a stranger, who doesn't seem the slightest bit interested in what she has to say, but we won't tell her if you don't.

12. The Random Guy Picking Up Empty Bottles and Cans

Times are tough, and this guy needs to make money however he can. As he's figured out, Tam-Tams is a great opportunity to pick up a quick buck, simply by grabbing one of the many empty beer cans and wine bottles that are littered throughout the park. We think it's a little sad that he has to resort to recycling other people's trash, but who are we to judge?

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